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Heart Explosion

Source Horror Adventures pg. 178
CR 13; XP 25,600
CE fast persistent haunt (60-ft. radius)
Caster Level 13th
Notice Heal or Perception DC 20 (for affected characters to notice pressure building around their hearts)
hp 58; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect The spectral form of a giant beating heart appears, and the hearts of everyone within the haunt’s area begin to accelerate out of control. All creatures within the area are sickened, and must succeed at a DC 21 Fortitude save each round or be dazed and take 1d6+2 Constitution drain. If a creature who fails this saving throw has fewer than 10 hit points or reaches a Constitution score of 0, its heart forcefully explodes out of its chest, killing it instantly. The pressure of the explosion throws fragments of rib cage in all directions, dealing 2d6 points of slashing damage to all creatures within 10 feet (Reflex DC 21 negates). Creatures without hearts are immune to this haunt.
Destruction The heart explosion haunt is destroyed if a good-aligned creature spends 3 days motionlessly meditating in the center of its area.


The spirits responsible for this haunt were scared to death, and in their attempt to force mortals to understand their fear, they cause their victims’ hearts to race faster and faster until they explode.