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Haunted Dungeon

Source Horror Adventures pg. 180
CR 17; XP 102,400
CE belligerent elusive free-roaming increased area persistent tenacious haunt (entire structure, up to a 170-ft. radius)
Caster Level 17th
Notice Perception DC 10 (to notice all of the dungeon's furniture and trapings approaching)
hp 229; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect This dungeon directs its malevolence toward everyone inside of it. Its interior is under the effects of guards and wards at all times. If this ability is dispelled, the haunt recreates it when it resets the following day. Once per minute, the dungeon can gather a collection of furniture and other items to form an animated object. It can create one Colossal animated object; alternatively, it can create two Gargantuan animated objects, four Huge animated objects, and so on. It can control up to four times as many animated objects as it can create in a minute (for a total CR of 15). For the purposes of detecting creatures, the haunted dungeon and its animated objects have blindsight out to a range of the entire area of the haunt, even through walls.
Destruction If the entire dungeon is simultaneously placed under the effects of hallow, the haunt is destroyed.


When enough haunts gather in a single dungeon, they can combine into a gestalt haunt that infuses the entire structure with a single, malevolent will. The haunt’s source typically rests in the most difficult to find or obscure location within the structure, but it moves if it senses creatures approaching it.