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Fallen from the Sky

Source Horror Adventures pg. 179
CR 16; XP 76,800
NE fast increased area persistent unyielding haunt (160-ft.-radius area aong the base and upper edge of a 200-ft.-tall cliff)
Caster Level 16th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to feel a slight tremor in the ground)
hp 72; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect The haunt causes all creatures within the haunt’s area along the cliff’s edge to plummet 200 feet to the ground, dealing 20d6 points of damage. The haunt temporarily negates spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities within its area as per antimagic field, except it does not block effects that deal positive energy damage. The haunt’s entire area is always difficult terrain. Extraordinary abilities, such as a monk’s slow fall ability, reduce falling damage as normal. The haunt lifts creatures back to the top of the cliff on each subsequent round, but it must then succeed at a combat maneuver check to bull rush each creature off the cliff (CMB +25). Creatures with natural flight can attempt a Fly check opposed by the haunt’s CMB to control their descent and take no damage.
Destruction The current head magistrate of the city must go to the cliff’s edge and issue individual pardons by name to everyone who was ever thrown off the cliff, even those whose names were never recorded.


A thriving metropolis on the top of a cliff customarily executed criminals by throwing them off the precipice, until the spirits of the condemned hurled the city’s head magistrate over the edge as well.