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Drought's End

Source Horror Realms pg. 62
CR 7; XP 3,200
N persistent variant haunt (30-ft. radius)
Caster Level 7th; Deity Gozreh
Notice Perception DC 0 (to hear a rumbling thunderstorm)
hp 31; Weakness chaotic, evil, good, or lawful effects; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect A fierce storm rages, bringing windstorm-strength winds and pouring rain. Each round for 6 rounds, a bolt of lightning strikes a random creature within the area, dealing 5d10 points of damage (Reflex DC 17 half). A worshiper of Gozreh who stays in the area of the resonance for its entire 6-round duration gains the ability to cast each of the following spells once, with a caster level equal to her Hit Dice: alter winds, resist energy (electricity only), and water breathing. The ability to cast these spells persists until it is expended.
Destruction Control weather immediately destroys this haunt. When the spell is cast to destroy a drought’s end, the spell has no other effect on the surrounding weather.


The dualistic deity Gozreh, as ancient as the sky and the sea themselves, rarely interferes directly in mortal affairs. He is a gentle breeze and a fierce hurricane, speaking in the whisper of wind through rustling leaves and the ground-shaking rumble of thunder. When Gozreh answered the prayers of a coastal village shriveling under a drought, she unleashed a mighty thunderstorm over the entire region. A small portion of the storm still rages centuries later, granting boons to the faithful who prove themselves against its fury.

Miraculous Resonances

When deities interact with the world directly, their influence can persist in the form of miraculous resonances. These regions often become pilgrimage sites for the deity’s worshipers.

The resonances sense the presence of their creator’s influence and react differently to their creator’s followers than to all others they encounter. Typically, they grant the faithful a benefit for 24 hours, though a single pilgrim can receive a manifestation’s blessing only once. A miraculous resonance haunt has an alignment identical to the deity with which it resonates. These resonances typically manifest in areas where the associated deity’s worship has traditionally been strong, but they can appear anywhere where such worship is particularly potent or where the deity has brushed against the Material Plane at some point in the past.

Miraculous resonances are vulnerable to forces connected to other deities, as well as spells that oppose their deity’s nature. Spells with an alignment descriptor that does not match the haunt’s alignment deal 1d6 points of damage per spell level (or the spell’s damage against an aligned outsider, whichever is higher). While weapon attacks cannot normally harm miraculous resonances, these haunts take any extra damage that specifically affects creatures of their alignment, such as the 2d6 points of extra damage from a holy weapon or the extra damage from a paladin’s smite evil. Such attacks target an AC of 5. Channeled energy can damage a resonance, so long as the creature channeling the energy has a patron deity of a different alignment than the haunt.