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Arcane Storm

Source Horror Adventures pg. 174
CR 6; XP 2,400
N persistent variant haunt (30-ft. radius)
Aura faint evocation
Caster Level 5th
Notice Perception or Spellcraft DC 20 (to hear the sound of clashing energy or deduce the effect from the charred ground)
hp 27; Weakness energy damage (immune to positive energy); Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect Each round, the arcane storm fires a bolt of energy to hit as many creatures as possible in its area (Reflex DC 15 halves). This functions as per lightning bolt, except the energy type cycles between acid, cold, electricity, and fire. The storm is immune to the most recent type of energy damage it has dealt.
Benefit A character who fails the save against one of the arcane storm’s bolts and does not reduce the damage in any way (such as energy resistance) can attempt a DC 16 Will save to harness a fraction of the storm’s power. A character who harnesses the storm’s power gains 5 charges. He can spend 1 charge as a free action to add 1d6 points of damage of the same energy type as that of the channeled bolt to either an evocation spell that deals damage matching any of the storm’s four energy types or to a natural attack or unarmed strike. A creature can gain charges from the arcane storm only once.
Destruction The arcane storm is destroyed if a character successfully counterspells four of its bolts in a row.


Each spell, no matter how weak, leaves its signature on the world for a short time, which spellcasters can perceive as a lingering magical aura. When dozens of powerful spells are hurled against each other over a small area, reality itself can form scars that affect all who come near them.

Magical scars have auras and count as ongoing spell effects for the purposes of detect magic and similar spells. A successful Spellcraft check to identify a scar reveals its effect and its weakness, and, if it succeeds by 10 or more, the scar’s benefit. A creature can’t attempt to activate a benefit it hasn’t identified. Spells that automatically reveal the nature of magical effects, such as greater arcane sight, automatically reveal all of these properties. The destruction conditions for magical scars are more obscure, and require research or exploration to uncover.

The arcane storm haunt arose when a pair of evokers dueled to the death centuries ago. An echo of the duel still rages at the site of their battle, and the charred ground tells the bitter tale.