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Siege tower, Large

Source Ultimate Combat pg. 166, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 435


Cost 1,000 gp Weight
Damage —; Critical —; Range —; Type
Crew 6; Aim 0; Load 0; Speed 15 ft.
Category Close Assault; Proficiency Siege Engine


A wooden gallery of stout construction, a siege tower consists of a tall protective shell with a roof section. The lower story of the tower contains the crew members who propel the tower, and provides total cover to those within. A siege tower with the broken condition moves at half speed. If a siege tower is destroyed, the entire tower collapses. Treat this as a cave-in.

The upper section of a siege tower provides improved cover for a number of soldiers (see below) and may have pierced walls allowing creatures to fire ranged weapons out the sides. The roof section may have a battlement and may mount a siege engine of the siege tower’s size or smaller and a corvus. Siege towers have a base speed of 15 (or 10 feet if protected with medium or heavy armor).

Siege towers have a hardness of 5, and hit points based on their size. A Large siege tower has 60 hit points, a Huge one has 240 hit points, a Gargantuan one has 640 hit points, and a Colossal one has 1,250 hit points.

Table 3-17: Siege Tower Complement