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Rockwasp Bomb

Source Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes pg. 39


Cost 2,000 gp Weight 100 lbs.
Category Ammunition; Proficiency Siege Engine


Usable in catapults and trebuchets, this ammunition consists of a wooden crate packed with wax globes, from which a faint buzzing sound emanates. Visible as a dark shape at the center of each globe is a rat-sized hornet known as a rockwasp. The alchemical wax keeps the wasps immobilized, while tiny air holes allow them to breath. This ammunition deals only half damage, but releases a wasp swarm—two wasp swarms if used for a heavy catapult or heavy trebuchet. The wasps attack for 1 minute before dispersing. On a siege engine mishap, the wasps escape before the ammunition is launched.