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Poisoned sand tube

Source Ranged Tactics Toolbox pg. 0, Ultimate Combat pg. 133, Ultimate Equipment pg. 19


Cost 1 gp Weight 1 lb.
Damage special (small), special (medium); Critical —; Range —; Type —; Special see text
Category Ranged; Proficiency Martial
Weapon Groups Thrown


Resembling a slim scroll case made of bamboo or metal, this tube is filled with fine sand that is soaked or coated with inhaled or contact poison. When loaded with 3 doses of these types of poison, you can blow into the tube to disperse the poisoned sand into your enemies’ faces in a 15-foot cone. Each creature in the cone is affected as if afflicted with 1 dose of the poison. Even when loaded with unpoisoned sand, the tube lets loose a powerful irritant, and an opponent struck must succeed at a DC 12 Fortitude saving throw or be dazzled for 1 round. Once expended, the tube must be repacked before it can be used again. Repacking a tube requires a full-round action, or a standard action if you have the Rapid Reload feat.