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Lizard king war trident

Source Classic Monsters Revisited pg. 38


Cost 20 gp Weight 12 lbs.
Damage see text (small), see text (medium); Critical x3; Range 10 ft.; Type P; Special brace
Category Two-Handed; Proficiency Martial


Upon his 100th birthday, a lizard king’s status is officially acknowledged, and he is honored with the presentation of a special weapon, the war trident, reserved exclusively for the use of his kind. These large, two-handed tridents are much heavier than normal (12 pounds) in order to take advantage of their wielders’ great strength, and as a result they lose their range increment but deal 1d10 points of damage and have a ×3 critical hit multiplier. In addition, extensive ritualistic practice with this weapon gives the lizard king the Improved Critical (war trident) feat as a bonus feat. A war trident is worth 20 gp, although most are masterwork and many are inlaid with precious metals and fetch higher prices.