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Dragoon Cartridge

Source Villain Codex pg. 57


Cost 30 gp Weight
Category Ammunition; Proficiency Exotic


These clips of alchemical cartridges hold three bullets and fit the slot of either the dragoon musket or the dragoon pistol. They allow the wielder of those firearms to fire up to three shots in quick succession without the need to reload. Once the cartridge is spent, reloading another dragoon cartridge takes a full-round action, no matter the type of dragoon firearm in question. Rapid Reload can reduce the action time required, but abilities like the musket master’s fast musket have no effect. Unlike other alchemical cartridges, dragoon cartridges don’t increase a dragoon firearm’s misfire chance by 1. Dragoon cartridges can be used only with dragoon firearms.

Magical bullets can be made in the form of dragoon cartridges, but the price and cost are three times greater than the listed value.