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Defoliant Shot

Source Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes pg. 39


Cost 300 gp Weight 20 lbs
Category Ammunition; Proficiency Siege Engine


When used as ammunition in a catapult or trebuchet, this ceramic canister releases a mist of defoliant on impact. When it hits the target square, it deals 2d6 points of damage to any creature in that space. Plant creatures within 30 feet of the target square take an additional 4d6 points of damage. A successful DC 20 Fortitude saving throw halves this additional damage. Plant creatures within 5 feet of the target space that fail their saving throws also take 1d4 points of Strength damage and 1d4 points of Constitution damage. The defoliant also kills vegetation within 30 feet of the target square as described in Ultimate Equipment.

On a siege engine mishap, this ammunition explodes before it’s launched, dealing its damage to the siege engine and all nearby plant creatures as if one of the spaces of the siege engine (crew leader’s choice) were the target square.