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Shattered Self

Source Horror Adventures pg. 139
Type curse; Save Will DC 20
Effect The victim’s mind splits into two coexisting personas, one normal, the other malicious and self-destructive. When in control, the self-destructive persona sabotages the victim’s efforts and plots the demise of the victim’s friends and loved ones. It takes care to conceal its actions and intent from others. The normal persona has no sense of missing time. Exactly when the alternate persona takes control is up to the GM, but it does so no more than once per day. Each time the alternate persona surfaces, the victim must succeed at a save or the alternate persona takes control for 1d6 minutes. Normally these takeovers happen when the victim is alone or with just one person, but moments of extreme stress can force the victim to attempt a save against this effect as well. The alternate persona has full access to the normal persona’s memories and abilities, and it receives a +10 bonus on Bluff checks to conceal its presence. Despite the malevolent nature of this affliction, the victim’s alignment remains unchanged when under the curse’s effects, so for instance, the selfdestructive persona could still use a paladin victim’s abilities.
Frequency no more than 1/day (see text)
Cure Shattered self can be cured only by successfully casting remove curse and either heal, greater restoration, or psychic surgery on the victim within 1 minute of each other.