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Sealed Fate

Source Horror Adventures pg. 139
Type curse; Save Will DC 23
Effect The target is doomed to die in an appointed fashion (this curse can also be an unintended consequence of an attempt to prevent the target’s death by other means). The victim gains a +4 luck bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize when dying as long as she is not suffering from injuries tied to the named cause of death. Whenever the target is damaged by the named cause of death, fails a save against that cause of death, or otherwise fails to withstand the named cause of death in a way that doesn’t involve damage or saving throws (for instance, failing a Constitution check against suffocation), she must attempt a Fortitude save against this curse. If she fails, she dies instantly; if she succeeds, she is staggered for 1 round.
Cure Sealed fate can be removed only by miracle or wish.