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Jealous Structure

Source Horror Adventures pg. 144
Type regional curse; Save Will DC 19
Effect A building can take on a life of its own if enough memories, fears, or other strong emotions become bound up in it. Such a building seeks to force residents to stay and either keep it company, serve it, protect it, or feed its unearthly hungers. The jealous structure is similar to a building-sized intelligent magic item of any evil alignment with Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of 16, fast healing 5, and the ability to use the following spell-like abilities at caster level 11th a minimum of the number of times per day listed below: 3/day—animate objects (furniture only), heightened fear (DC 19), heightened telekinesis (unattended objects only; DC 19); 1/day—guards and wards.
Cure A jealous structure can be put to rest only by a casting of remove curse followed by a casting of hallow over the entire structure.