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Haunting, Minor

Source Horror Adventures pg. 138
Type curse; Save Will DC 13
Effect The victim is haunted by a poltergeist. Once per day, the victim must attempt a Will save against the curse. If she succeeds, she takes a cumulative –1 penalty on future saving throws against the curse. If she fails, the poltergeist manifests within 300 feet and begins stalking her over the course of 2d12 hours, attempting to kill her when she appears to be most vulnerable. When combat begins, the victim automatically becomes shaken for 1 minute. The curse revives the destroyed poltergeist to haunt the victim again the next time she fails the saving throw against this curse.
Cure In addition to the normal means for removing a curse, this one can be ended by determining the poltergeist’s reason for existence and setting right whatever prevents it from resting in peace.