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Black Blood Bloodline

Source Advanced Class Origins pg. 8
Contact with the black blood of Orv—by you or one of your ancestors—transformed your bloodline. This necromantic taint in your blood mutates you into something peculiar.

Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Toughness.

Bonus Spells: chill touch (7th), unshakable chill (10th), elemental aura (13th), black tentacles (16th)

Bloodline Powers: The insidious magic of black blood grants you profane powers and hideous resistances.

Black Blood (Su): At 1st level, your blood runs black with the blood of Orv. You are immune to the effects (both beneficial and destructive) of black blood. You have this benefit constantly, even while not bloodraging. When you take damage from a slashing or piercing attack while bloodraging, as an immediate action you can grant your melee attacks the frost weapon special ability for 2 rounds. You can use this ability three times per day.

Abnormal Reach (Su): At 4th level, the black blood pumping within you twists and elongates your limbs. Your reach increases by 5 feet.

Black Blood Resistance (Su): At 8th level, you gain resistance 5 to cold and a +2 bonus on saving throws against ability drain, death effects, disease, energy drain, paralysis, and poison. At 16th level, this resistance increases to 10 and the saving throw bonus increases to +4.

Retributive Spray (Su): At 12th level, whenever you’re hit by an attack or spell that deals slashing or piercing damage, your black blood sprays up to 10 feet toward the opponent who attacked you, striking the first creature along its path. That creature takes 1d8 points of cold damage + 1 point of cold damage for every 2 bloodrager levels you possess. A successful Reflex save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your bloodrager level + your Constitution modifier) halves the damage.

Black Blood Transfusion (Su): At 16th level, when you confirm a critical hit, some of your black blood seeps into the target’s wounds. The next time the target would be healed by positive energy, the healing burns away the black blood and ends this effect, providing no other benefit. This ability is not effective against creatures that have no blood. The black blood transfusion persists until it negates one positive energy healing effect, but it can be removed sooner with a successful DC 25 Heal check.

Black Blood Immunity (Su): At 20th level, you gain immunity to cold, nonlethal damage, critical hits, and sneak attacks. You have this benefit constantly, even when not bloodraging.

Black Blood of Orv

Black blood wells from the walls of a singular vault deep in Orv, a region known quite aptly as the Land of Black Blood. This noxious fluid repulses and freezes all natural life, although certain creatures like aberrations, undead, and black-blooded oracles possess an uncanny immunity to its effects. Any other creature that comes into contact with black blood takes 1d6 points of cold damage—10d6 points of cold damage per round if fully immersed.

Although black blood isn’t itself inherently evil, a pint of black blood can be used as unholy water. A spellcaster who consumes a dose of black blood casts all necromantic spells at +1 caster level for the next 10 minutes, but takes 3d6 points of cold damage and 1 point of Constitution damage by drinking the stuff. Normally, a dose of black blood becomes inert an hour after being harvested from the source in the Land of Black Blood, losing all mystical properties. Gentle repose can preserve up to 1 gallon of black blood’s magical properties for increased lengths of time, but no other method of stabilizing the stuff has yet been developed. The blood of a black-blooded oracle is diluted and does not have the properties of full-strength black blood.