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Bloodrager Class Details | Bloodlines | Bloodline Mutations | Archetypes

Bloodrager Archetypes

Ancestral HarbingerUncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; 6th, 12th, and 18th-level Bloodline FeatsWhile all bloodragers tap into their bloodlines to fuel the arcane energies they use in battle, some have the ability to call directly to the spirits of their ancestors to aid them, summoning spirits to fight for them or inspire their allies.
Blood ConduitFast Movement; Bloodline Feats; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Indomitable WillBlood conduits learn to channel their arcane might directly through their flesh, without the need for mystical words or gestures.
BloodriderFast Movement; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; 9th-level Bloodline FeatIn the world’s wild lands, a mount is an advantage in both everyday life and the dealing of death
Bloody-Knuckled RowdyDamage Reduction; Spellcasting; Fast Movement; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny DodgeThe bloody-knuckled rowdy focuses on tricks and maneuvers that are quick and effective, duplicating combat styles from professional brawlers, street thugs, and even trapped animals.
Crossblooded RagerBonus Feats; Bonus Spells; Bloodline Powers; Saving ThrowsWhile most bloodragers manifest only one bloodline, there are some that, through some quirk of heredity or the conjunction of other powers, manifest two.
Enlightened BloodragerSpellcasting; 1st, 4th-level Bloodline Power; Bloodrage; Bonus Spells; 7th, 13th, 19th-level Damage ReductionTroubled by overwhelming rage and mystic forces beyond their comprehension, bloodragers have been traveling to the Magaambya for generations, seeking the peace and enlightenment promised by students of Old-Mage Jatembe.
GreenragerBlood Sanctuary; 6th and 9th-level Bloodline FeatsTypically, nature finds its greatest harmony with divine magic, but sometimes a connection with the natural world manifest itself through the arcane current in the veins of the bloodragers called greenragers.
Hag-RivenWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Fast Movement; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Damage ReductionAll changelings have the potential to transform into hags, but the process is a slow one, requiring several nights to complete. When left incomplete—by virtue of a wily changeling’s escape or her mother’s death—the creature is scarred and saturated in arcane power.
Id RagerBloodline; Bloodline Spells; Bloodline Powers; Spellcasting; Eschew Materials; Bloodline FeatsAn id rager lacks a supernatural taint to his blood, instead drawing power from pure emotion.
Metamagic RagerImproved Uncanny DodgeWhile metamagic is difficult for many bloodragers to utilize, a talented few are able to channel their bloodrage in ways that push their spells to impressive ends.
PrimalistBloodlineWhile bloodrage powers come from the very essence of a bloodrager’s being and are often strict and immutable, some bloodragers tap into ancient traditions and primitive wisdom to enhance their rages with something more primal.
Prowler at World's EndBloodline Powers; 9th, 12th, 15th-level Bloodline Feats; Greater Bloodrage; Mighty BloodrageMany catfolk bloodragers capable of communing with the ancient spirits of creation take on the burden of protecting the world from the sinister forces that exist at the world’s fringes.
RageshaperBlood Sanctuary; Improved Uncanny DodgeAll bloodragers blend the unpredictable surge of arcane power with the savage fury of battle lust. For most, their rage is a conduit for the eldritch power locked in their heritage, but for a rageshaper, the latent magical energies in his blood bring about physical transformations and facilitate the blending of arcana and aggression into a deadly synthesis that few other barbarians (or even other bloodragers) can match.
SpelleaterUncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Damage ReductionWhere other bloodragers learn to avoid or shrug off minor damage of all sorts, spelleaters tap into the power of their bloodline in order to heal damage as it comes, and can even cannibalize their own magical energy to heal more damage and continue taking the fight to the enemy.
SteelbloodArmor Proficiency; Fast Movement; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Damage ReductionMost bloodragers prefer light armor, but some learn the secret of using heavy armors.
Symbol StrikerClass Skills; Fast Movement; 6th, 9th, 12th, 18th-level Bloodline Feats; Symbol strikers are unique form of rune-wielding berserker spellcasters whose tradition originates from Dongun Hold, a Sky Citadel in Alkenstar
Untouchable RagerSpells; Blood Casting; Eschew Materials; Bloodline SpellsWhile most bloodragers are known for their inexplicable ability to focus their bloodline into a horrifying mix of martial terror and spellcasting fury, from time to time a bloodrager’s bloodline acts differently.
Urban BloodragerClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Bloodrage; Blood Sanctuary; Damage ReductionLike the urban barbarian, the urban bloodrager has learned to control her rage in so-called polite society.