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Wizard Archetypes

Absalom: Arcanamirium CrafterHand of the ApprenticeOne trained by the Arcanamirium, a college specializing in the universalist school of magic and the art of crafting magical items.
Arcane BomberArcane Bond; Cantrips; Arcane SchoolTo many wizards, the experimentation of the alchemist seems quaint, if not dangerous or frightening. A few wizards take up the secrets of the bomb, however, fusing alchemy with their already considerable magical power.
Arcane PhysicianArcane School; Scribe ScrollArcane physicians use their scholarly knowledge and arcane mastery to achieve incredible feats of medicine.
Arcane WardenArcane School; Class Skills; Scribe Scroll; Bonus Feats; Hand of the Apprentice; Metamagic MasteryArcane wardens are wizards who specialize in the discovery or generation of places of safety and refuge.
Bonded WizardScribe Scroll; 5th, 10th, and 15th-level Bonus FeatsMany wizards form an arcane bond with an item, but for some this bond becomes a powerful mystic union.
Cheliax: Egorian Academy Infernal BinderAcid Dart, Dimensional StepsA wizard trained by the prestigious Egorian Academy, best known for its Infernal Binding program in the school of conjuration.
ChronomancerArcane Bond; 10th, 15th, 20th-level Bonus FeatsRare arcane scholars known as chronomancers demonstrate the ability to shift themselves in short bursts between the past, future, and alternate presents.
ClocksmithArcane Bond; Arcane School; Scribe Scroll; Bonus FeatsClocksmiths are oddities among wizard communities, pursuing the study and creation of clockwork constructs to near obsession
CruoromancerArcane Bond; 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th-level Bonus Feat(Dhampir Only) A cruoromancer infuses his necromantic magic with the power of his unique mixture of living blood and undead ichor.
Elder Mythos ScholarArcane Bond; 1st, 8th-level Arcane School Ability; Spellbook; Scribe Scroll; 5th, 10th-level Bonus feats Elder Mythos scholars risk their sanity to seek knowledge of alien and awful entities from beyond the stars.
Exploiter WizardArcane Bond; Arcane SchoolContrary to traditional wizardly study, an exploiter wizard forgoes the tried and true methods of arcane focus and arcane schools for the exploits favored by an arcanist.
Familiar AdeptScribe Scroll; 5th and 10th-level Bonus Feats; Arcane Bond; SpellbooksMany wizards employ familiars to assist them, but only a few have unlocked the true power of their school of magic through the familiar itself.
First World CallerArcane Bond; Arcane School; Scribe Scroll; 10th, 15th-level Bonus FeatsSome wizards, typically First World gnomes, have mystical ties with the First World, the primordial home of the fey
Hallowed NecromancerArcane School; Spells; Power Over Undead; Grave Touch; Scribe Scroll; 5th, 10th, 15th-level Bonus Feat Many wizards study necromancy to create undead, but some study the same arts to purge the stain of undeath.
InstructorArcane Bond; 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th-level Bonus FeatsWhether serving as staff at a formal school of magic or simply acting as a wandering teacher, an instructor has an apprentice who trades service to the instructor for lessons in magic.
Pact Wizard (FF)Arcane Bond; Arcane SchoolSome wizards make bargains with beings from other realms in order to gain arcane power. These pact wizards have unparalleled access to extraplanar allies, but these bonds never come without strings attached.
Pact Wizard (HHH)Spellcasting; Scribe Scroll; 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level Bonus FeatsWizards who seek mastery of arcane power without tedious study and monotonous research.
Poleiheira AdherentArcane Bond; Arcane SchoolPoleiheira adherents are wizards who wish to emulate the explorations and discoveries of Arustun and partake in great odysseys as they seek to imitate his achievements.
PrimalistArcane Bond, 5th-level Bonus Feat, 10th-level Bonus FeatA primalist is a wizard who has spent a considerable amount of time studying the chaos that is primal magic.
Qadira: Mage of the VeilBlinding Ray, Invisibility FieldRather than controlling the elements or transforming the environment, mages of the veil focus on much more subtle magic.
RunesageArcane Bond; Arcane SchoolRunesages draw upon the mystic energies of ancient Thassilon.
Scroll ScholarDiviner's Fortune (diviner) or Hand of the Apprentice (universalist), 5th-level Bonus Feat, 4th-level spell slotThose who trade some of their potential to better understand ancient texts and scrolls can become learned scroll scholars.
ScrollmasterArcane Bond; 10th-level Bonus FeatTo some wizards, a scroll is not just a written form of a spell, it is a physical weapon meant to be used in combat like a sword or a shield.
ShadowcasterArcane Bond; 5th-level Bonus Feat; 10th-level Bonus FeatTrained in the dark mysteries of Nidal's Umbral Court, the shadowcaster harnesses the power of shadows to bolster their spellcasting.
Siege MageScribe Scroll; Arcane Bond; Cantrips; Arcane SchoolThe siege mage combines his arcane mastery with a supernatural link to siege engines.
Spell SageArcane Bond; Arcane SchoolA spell sage has mastered spells of all types, and is able to increase the effectiveness of his own spells and eventually even cast spells from other classes’ spell lists.
SpellbinderArcane Bond(Elf Only) A spellbinder is an elven wizard who forges an arcane bond between himself and one or more wizard spells.
SpellslingerArcane Bond; Scribe Scroll; Cantrips; Arcane SchoolWhile few contest the seductive allure of commanding arcane and occult powers, there are those wizards who become obsessed with the natural mysteries of black powder.
Spirit BinderArcane Bond; Arcane School; Scribe Scroll; Bonus FeatsWhile most wizards learn their arts through gradual study, spirit binders have made a sudden arcane breakthrough due to the traumatic experience of losing a loved one.
Spirit WhispererArcane Bond; Spellbooks; Arcane School; Bonus Feats; 20th-level Bonus FeatSpirit whisperers are a breed apart among wizards, and are often mistaken for witches.
Sword BinderArcane Bond; Arcane School; Bonus School Spell Slots; 10th-level Bonus FeatSword binders follow a tradition of martial wizards who often worked with the Church of Aroden and the crowns of Taldor and then Cheliax.
Thassilonian SpecialistLose access to two schools of magicSpecialist in a Thassilonian school of magic, this specialist sacrifices his connection with two schools in order to greatly strengthen his chosen specialty.
Undead MasterAlignment; Arcane School; Arcane Bond; Scribe Scroll; 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th-level Bonus FeatsUndead masters have great power over undeath.
Wind ListenerClass Skills; Arcane School; Arcane Bond; 5th, 10th, 15th-level Bonus Feat(Sylph Only) The wind listener takes a sylph’s natural curiosity to the extreme, enhancing his natural skill at subterfuge and eavesdropping with potent arcane magic.
WorldseekerScribe Scroll; 6th/8th-level School Ability; Arcane Bond; 5th, 15th-level Bonus FeatWorldseekers are wizards who travel to all corners of the Great Beyond.