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Warpriest Class Details | Blessings | Archetypes

Warpriest Archetypes

Calamity CallerBlessings; Focus Weapon; Sacred Weapon; Bonus Feats; Aspect of War(Elf Only) While all elves feel a deep connection to nature, some elven priests take this bond further, using their link to call down the wrath of nature upon their enemies
Champion of the FaithSacred Weapon; 3rd-level Bonus Feat; Channel EnergyChampions of the faith are crusaders who use the power of their divine patron to annihilate the faith’s enemies.
Cult LeaderClass Skills; Skill Ranks; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Focus Weapon; 3rd, 9th, 12th, and 15th-level Bonus Feats; Channel EnergyReferred to as fanatics, lunatics, or obsessives, cultists see themselves as genuine devotees of their deity.
DisenchanterBonus Feats; Channel Energy; 6th-level Bonus FeatWhile many warpriests focus on threats to the body, the disenchanter focuses on dangers to the mind and the soul.
Divine Champion3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 18th-level Bonus Feat Divine champions are unswervingly devoted to their causes, and specialize in bringing battle to the enemies of their faiths.
Divine CommanderBlessings; 3rd, 6th, 12th, and 15th-level Bonus FeatsSome warpriests are called to lead great armies and face legions of foes. These divine commanders live for war and fight for glory.
Feral ChampionBlessings; Sacred Weapon; Sacred ArmorWhen a warpriest devotes himself to a god of the natural world, he is sometimes blessed with supernatural powers that allow him to evoke animalistic power and fury.
Fist of the GodclawAlignment; Deities; Blessings; 3rd, 6th, 12th-level Bonus Feat; Aspect of WarDevoted to the divine control of law above all else, these zealots seek to establish absolute order.
ForgepriestBlessings; Spells; Bonus Feats; 3rd and 6th-level Bonus Feats; Channel EnergyArmorers of exquisite skill, forgepriests take inspiration from their deity to produce the most perfect weapons and armor they can, the better to equip the armies of the faithful.
Jistkan MagistrateClass Skilss; Blessings; Spontaneous Casting; Bonus Languages; Channel EnergySome warpriests study the ancient magic that the Jistkan magistrates used to bind elementals and make pacts with genies.
Liberty's BladeBlessings; Sacred Weapon; Channel Energy; Sacred ArmorThere are some who find in the call to freedom something primal and spiritual, even more so than other Andorens.
Mantis ZealotDeity; Alignment; Weapon and Armor Proficiencies; Sacred Weapon; Sacred Armor; Aspect of WarAmong the Red Mantis worshipers of Achaekek, some hold such strong faith in their assassin god that they gain divine power.
Molthuni Arsenal ChaplainBlessing; Sacred Armor; Sacred Weapon; Channel EnergyMolthuni arsenal chaplains are warpriests trained in the Arsenal District in Korholm. They bolster their nation’s military by focusing on the militant aspects of their gods.
ProclaimerAlignment; Deity; Spellcasting; Fervor; Sacred Armor; Channel EnergyA proclaimer rushes into Abyss-twisted wastes with nothing but his weapon in his hand and his faith in his heart, shouting his deity’s name to the skies
ProselytizerWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Sacred Armor; 3rd-level Bonus Feat; Sacred Weapon; Blessings; Blessings (Major)The proselytizer is the perfect militant missionary. He seeks to win the hearts and lay claim to the souls of those he meets, and—failing that—spreads the word of his deity at the edge of the sword.
Sacred FistClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Sacred Weapon; Focus Weapon; 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th-level Bonus Feats; Sacred ArmorUnlike many warpriests, sacred fists leave behind armor and shield and instead rely on their fists and whatever protection their deity bestows on them.
ShieldbearerFocus Weapon; Sacred Weapon; Sacred Armor; Shieldbearers are divine warriors who stand on the front lines of battle, shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers of their people.
Sixth Wing BulwarkArmor Proficiencies; Focus Weapon; Sacred Weapon; Sacred Armor; 6-th, 12th-, 18th-level Bonus FeatsThe Sixth Wing bulwark are followers of Ragathiel that train to hold the line and defend against the incursion of evil forces, fortifying herself and her allies to stand strong in the face of any opposition, no matter how dire.