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Swashbuckler Archetypes

Arrow ChampionPanache; Opportune Parry and Riposte; Precise Strike; Swashbuckler's Initiative; Swashbuckler Weapon Training; Swashbuckler Weapon MasteryArrow champions combine a swashbuckler’s agile style of combat with mastery over the bow
AzatarielAlignment; Menacing Swordplay; Precise Strike; Targeted Strike; Bleeding Wound; Charmed Life; Nimble; Bonus FeatsAzatariels are the champions of Elysium, dedicated to spreading its unpredictable whimsy and capricious goodness across the planes.
CourserOpportune Parry and Riposte; Nimble; Menacing Swordplay; Superior Feint; Bleeding Wound Coursers move with grace and ease, racing across rooftops, dashing up walls, and clearing vast gaps between buildings.
Daring InfiltratorClass Skills; Bonus Feat; Swashbuckler Initiative; Menacing Swordplay; Bleeding WoundNot known for their flashy entrances or for standing out in a crowd, a daring infiltrator uses stealth, disguise, and ruthless guile to pursue her goals.
Dashing ThiefClass Skills; Derring-Do; Swashbuckler's Edge; Panache; Bonus Feats; Menacing Swordplay; Dizzying DefenseThe dashing thief relies on swift swordplay, dazzling charm, and spirited courage to commit audacious acts of thievery.
Flying BladePanache; Dodging Panache; Kip-Up; Menacing Swordplay; Targeted Strike; Bleeding Wound; Perfect Thrust; Swashbuckler Weapon Training; Swashbuckler Weapon MasteryWhile most swashbucklers prefer their battles up close, others prefer dealing death from a distance.
Guiding BladeBonus Feats; 1st, 7th, 15th-level Deeds; Charmed Life; Nimble; Kip-upInstead of parrying attacks against her, a guiding blade redirects her enemies’ ire away from her allies, interfering with enemies who attack her allies, whether that attack comes by blade or by spell.
Inspired BladePanache; Swashbuckler Finesse; Bleeding Wound; Swashbuckler Weapon Training; Swashbuckler Weapon MasteryAn inspired blade is both a force of personality and a sage of swordplay dedicated to the perfection of combat with the rapier.
MouserOpportune Parry and Riposte; Menacing Swordplay; Targeted Strike; Bleeding WoundIn the hands of a trained warrior, a well-sharpened blade is deadly regardless of size. A mouser moves in close, using her size and skill as an advantage.
MusketeerWeapon Proficiencies; Swashbuckler Finesse; Dodging PanacheA number of organizations and kingdoms search for warriors who are brave (or foolish) enough to wield firearms on the battlefield.
Mysterious AvengerAlignment; Class Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Swashbuckler Finesse; Nimble; 4th-level Bonus Feat; Swashbuckler Weapon TrainingWhile some swashbucklers fight for queen and country, and others for coin, glory, or just the enhancement of their own reputations, the mysterious avenger fights directly for a cause.
Noble FencerDodging Panache; Superior Feint; Subtle Blade; Charmed Life Noble fencers use their quick wits and panache in both physical and social confrontations, and they rely on their training and discipline to emerge victorious, rather than merely trusting to luck.
Okayo CorsairWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Swashbuckler Finesse; Panache; Menacing Swordplay; Superior Feint; Bleeding Wound; Dizzying Defense; Bonus FeatsAn Okayo corsair practices a unique acrobatic martial art that draws inspiration from both the mysticism of monastic combat traditions and the flair of a swashbuckler.
PicaroonWeapon Proficiencies; Panache; Opportune Parry and Riposte; Kip-Up; Superior Feint; Bleeding Wound; Swashbuckler FinesseWhile some swashbucklers take pride in their ability to wear down an opponent with great skill at arms and clever positioning, there are those who use firearms to get in close and hit hard.
Rondelero SwashbucklerDerring-Do; Kip-Up; Bleeding Wound; Perfect Thrust; Charmed LifeRondelero swashbucklers are Taldan specialists in an aggressive, lightly armored fighting style that utilizes the falcata and buckler.
Rostland BravoClass Skills; Armor Proficiency; Menacing Swordplay; Superior Feint; Bleeding Wound; Swashbuckler's EdgeWhile some duelists favor more technical approaches, others study flashier maneuvers, wielding the curved blade with artful flair. Disdainfully called “bravos” by classically trained rivals, students of this approach have claimed the label with pride.
Shackles CorsairNimble; Swashbuckler Initiative; Targeted StrikeA Shackles corsair’s debonair charm and style make her a paradoxical celebrity even among the nations whose ships she plunders.
Veiled BladeClass Skills; Opportune Parry and Riposte; Menacing Swordplay; Swashbuckler's Grace; Swashbuckler's EdgeVeiled blades specialize in subtlety, not through clandestine sneaking but simply by appearing to be someone harmless and unarmed.
Whirling DervishSwashbuckler Finesse; Panache; Superior Feint; Targeted Strike; Bleeding Wound; Deadly StabIn Qadira and throughout the Padishah Empire, Sarenrae’s worshipers praise the Dawnflower through dance. Her more warlike followers adapted these dances into graceful martial forms, and their swashbuckling style is feared throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond for its ability to devastate foes with a scimitar through motion and agility regardless of strength of arms.
WildstriderClass Skills; Dodging Panache; Derring-Do; Swashbuckler's Edge; Kip-Up; Subtle BladeMost swashbucklers call cities their home, but some prefer deserts, marshlands, mountains, or woods, where the rough terrain grants them an advantage, and have little interest in the comforts of an urban lifestyle.