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Summoner Class Details | Archetypes

Summoner Archetypes

Blood God DiscipleSummon Monster(Half-Orc) A half-orc summoner who devotes himself to one of the bloody orc gods may believe his eidolon is an avatar of that god rather than a mere supernatural creature.
Blood SummonerClass Skills; Shield Ally; Transposition; Greater Shield Ally; Merge FormsA blood summoner conjures an eidolon born from violence and blood.
BroodmasterEidolon; Life Link; Life Bond; Merge FormsMost summoners bond with one eidolon for their entire lives, but the broodmaster forges a link with multiple smaller eidolons that make up his brood.
Counter-SummonerSummon Monster; Bond Senses; Aspect; Greater AspectWhile most summoners excel at conjuring monsters, there are those who focus instead on disrupting the conjurations of opponents.
EvolutionistMaker’s Call; Transposition; Greater Shield AllyAn evolutionist possesses greater power over his eidolon’s form, and is able to evolve his eidolon and its abilities to meet any challenge or face any threat as it comes up, seemingly on a whim.
First WorlderSummon Monster I; EidolonA first worlder summoner has a more primal connection to nature, their power being tied to the First World.
God CallerClass Skills; Life Link; Transposition; Aspect; Greater Aspect; Twin EidolonGod callers follow a fractured tradition that originated in the now-lost nation of Sarkoris. They speak to an assortment of ancient divine powers to lead their communities and sometimes stir up reformations in faiths with ideals similar to their personal convictions.
Leshy CallerEidolon; Summon MonsterA leshy caller summons creatures from the First World and forges a bond with a leshy eidolon.
Master SummonerSummon Monster I; Shield Ally; Bond SensesThe master summoner sacrifices the power of his eidolon in favor of summoning a plethora of otherworldly creatures to aid him.
Morphic SavantEidolon; Summon Monster; SpellsA morphic savant is an agent of change who draws power from the Abyss, Elysium, or the Maelstrom to fulfill whatever goals strike his fancy.
NaturalistSummon Monster; Shield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Aspect Summoner; Life Bond; Greater AspectA naturalist is a summoner who is in tune with the natural world, using his magic like a lens to focus various animal aspects onto his eidolon.
PyroclastSpellcasting; Eidolon; Maker’s Call; TranspositionPyroclasts harness the primal elemental energy of magma. Their eidolons often resemble elemental beings.
Shadow CallerClass Skills; Summon Monster; Eidolon(Fetchling Only) While most summoners can call any manner of creature from across the planes to serve them in combat, supplementing the skills of their eidolon with a diverse range of creatures, others eschew this broad utility and instead concentrate upon calling forth entities from the Shadow Plane.
Shaitan BinderShare Spells; Shield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Aspect; Greater Aspect; Twin Eidolon(Oread Only) Shaitan binders call upon a reflection of their genie ancestors to serve as their eidolons.
Spirit SummonerSummon Monster; Eidolon; Aspect; Maker’s Call; Merge Forms; TranspositionA spirit summoner is an arcane spellcaster whose eidolon is a manifestation of a shamanic spirit.
Storm CallerEidolon; Summon Monster; Shield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Maker's Call; TranspositionMany summoners beckon monsters from the Elemental Planes, but few are as specialized as storm callers, who channel the elemental energies of the Plane of Air.
Story SummonerEidolon; Bond Senses; TranspositionStory summoners rely on the harrow to weave the paths they walk, turning their tales into reality. They channel magic through their harrow decks to influence the strange extraplanar beings they summon, bringing familiar and fateful characters to life.
SynthesistEidolon; Life Link; Shield Ally; Maker’s Call; Transposition; Greater Shield Ally; Merge FormsRather than summon an eidolon to serve by his side, the synthesist fuses his eidolon’s essence to his own.
Twinned SummonerShield Ally; Greater Shield Ally; Maker's Call; Transposition; Merge FormsReflecting the connected nature of Imbrex, a twinned summoner and his eidolon appear identical save for any obvious differences, such as evolutions or equipment.
Unwavering ConduitEidolon; Summon Monster; SpellsUnwavering conduits work to keep everything ordered and regimented, drawing on power from the Eternal City of Axis, Heaven, or Hell to enforce whichever laws the summoner finds paramount.
Wild Caller (ARG)Summon Monster; Eidolon(Half-Elf Only) The wild caller calls eidolons that take more natural and savage forms and summons from nature rather than the Great Beyond.
Wild Caller (HotW)Eidolon; Summon Monster; Aspect; Greater AspectA wild caller summons creatures from the First World and forges a bond with an eidolon with a plant body.