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Skald Archetypes

AugurWell-Versed; Versatile Performance; Spell KenningTales of Merivesta Olinchi are surprisingly common among the Bekyar of the Mwangi Expanse, who claim she spent some time studying their traditions and history.
BacchanalScribe Scroll; Versatile Performance; Song of Marching; Dirge of DoomBacchanals are skalds who use ecstatic dancing and ribald songs to influence the primal instincts of listeners.
Battle ScionBardic Knowledge; Dirge of Doom; Song of the Fallen; Master SkaldThe battle scion possesses a unique mixture of courtly grace alongside martial and magical prowess.
Bekyar Demon DancerSkills; Versatile Performance; 3rd, 6th, and 9th-level Rage PowersWhile the twisted power of the demon-worshiping Bekyar’s skalds is great, it comes at a terrible price.
Belkzen War DrummerWeapon Proficiencies; Bardic Knowledge; Scribe Scroll; Lore Master; 7th-level Versatile PerformanceThese fierce drummers are equally adept at tapping out a driving rhythm and rapping enemies upside the head with the same massive clubs they use to beat the crude hidecovered drums they carry into battle.
BoasterScribe Scroll; Uncanny Dodge; Song of Marching; Lore Master; Song of the Fallen; Rage Powers; 6th-level Rage PowerBoasters use incredible tales and claims to challenge themselves and their allies to accomplish remarkable feats.
Bold SchemerClass Skills; Bardic Knowledge; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Damage Reduction; Dirge of DoomThe bold schemer combines wrath, wits, and daring to win battles and wars in unconventional ways, often through infiltration and deception.
Court PoetInspired Rage; Song of Strength; Well-VersedCourt poets elevate the skald’s love of history and poetry to an aristocratic ideal, captivating courts with complicated poetic traditions and inspiring others with their craft.
Dragon SkaldScribe Scroll; Bardic Knowledge; Well-Versed; Song of MarchingThe Ulfen prize skalds on sea raids and linnorm hunts. Dragon skald performances involve song, whistling, or blowing mighty horns, and viking sailors often talk about having a skald along to whistle up a wind or sing away the mists on the morning of a momentous raid.
ElegistRaging Song; Rage Powers; Well-Versed; Damage ReductionSome skalds internalize the saddest and must mournful of stories, so much that they are able to manifest the emotions caused by these tales in physical form.
Fated ChampionWell-Versed; Spell Kenning; Dirge of Doom; Master SkaldAmong cultures where skalds are the keepers of lore and wisdom, there are those who learn to read the winds of fate and take up the mantle of the fated champion, knowing and embracing their destined paths with strength borne of conviction.
Herald of the HornScribe Scroll; 5th, 11th, and 17th-level Spell Kenning; Lore MasterWhether with the polished metal trumpet of a standing army or the crude curved animal horn of savage raiders, a herald of the horn sounds his raging song with thunderous blasts, which can bolster allies or shatter castle walls.
Hunt CallerWell-Versed; Song of Strength; Song of the Fallen; 6th, 18th-leve Rage Power; Spell KenningHunt callers are skalds whose songs draw their allies into the animal world.
InstigatorSpell Kenning; Dirge of Doom; Lore Masterhe instigator influences the will of the people, turning them toward his own purposes.
Red TongueBardic Knowledge; 7th, 12th, 17th-level Versatile PerformanceThe tengu tendency toward dramatic flourishes and rhetoric creates an environment in which political clubs led by hot-blooded firebrands—referred to as red tongues in polite company—dominate the political scene by swaying emotions in the moment and wielding magic in the shadows.
Serpent Herald3rd-level Rage Power; Spell KenningWarrior bands devoted to Ragadahn are often led by a serpent herald, whose deep roars shake the earth itself.
Spell WarriorScribe Scroll; Inspired Rage; Spell Kenning; Dirge of Doom; Master SkaldThe spell warrior uses his arcane knowledge rather than his rage to turn the tide of battle in favor of himself and his allies.
SunsingerAlignment; Song of Marching; Spell Kenning;Qadiran sunsingers are particularly religious skalds of Sarenrae who call down their goddess’s glory to fill soldiers with fire.
Totem ChannelerBardic Knowledge; Rage Powers; Spell Kenning; Damage ReductionSome Shoanti skalds discover deeper truths in their tribes’ totems. These skalds, known as totem channelers, learn how to share the totems’ gifts with their allies in the heat of battle.
Totemic Skald3rd-level Rage Power; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Spell KenningThe totemic skald forms a close connection to an animal totem. Through the power of this mystical ally, the skald can change shapes, assuming its form as his own.
Twilight SpeakerAlignment; Deity; Bardic Knowledge; Inspired Rage; Song of Strength; Dirge of Doom; Versatile Performance; Well-Versed; Lore Master; Master Skald(Elf Only) Twilight speakers are elven skalds of Findeladlara who consider it a sacred duty to seek out and befriend non-elven communities
Undying WordScribe Scroll; Lore Master; Inspired Rage; Song of Strength; Dirge of Doom; Spell KenningSome who have survived the Mana Wastes cannot accept defeat, and those who have learned to speak the undying word can lend others the strength to endure
Urban SkaldWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Inspired Rage; Song of Marching; Damage Reduction; Dirge of DoomThe urban skald finds that challenging and mocking foes is sometimes more effective than inspiring uncontrolled rage in a city.
War PainterRaging Song; Spell Kenning; Lore Master The gripplis of the Valashmai Jungle exhibit savage strength for their size—attributed in part to the frightful magical pigments applied to their skin by the tribes’ mystical lore keepers.
WarlordScribe Scroll; Well-Versed; Spell Kenning; Lore Master; Improved Uncanny DodgeThe warlord wields his force of personality like a weapon, intimidating his allies and ensuring that his followers heed his commands.
Wyrm SingerInspired Rage; Song of the Fallen; 12th-level rage power Wyrm singers spin fragments of the story of the ongoing struggle between noble Apsu and wicked Dahak.