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Ninja Archetypes

Frozen ShadowClass Skills; Ki Pool; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny DodgeFrozen shadows belong to a rare ninja clan operating in Avistan and they work as thieves, power brokers, and spies loosely guided by secretive masters with unknown agendas.
Gunpowder BombardierKi Pool; 2nd-level Ninja Trick; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny DodgeRatfolk assassins and other ninjas with an affinity for gunpowder demonstrate masterful control of bombs, using the explosives to inflict major damage or impair their foes
Hunting SerpentClass Skills; No Trace; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; 10th, 12th, 16th-level Ninja TrickHunting serpents are specially trained killers to that hunt relentlessly and fight from the shadows.
Mask of the Living GodWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Poison Use; Ki Pool; No TraceWhen the Living God needs to silence the voices of those heretics who question too loudly, these enforcers are the tools he employs.
Petal NinjaClass Skills; 2nd-level Ninja Trick; No Trace; Uncanny Dodge; Improved Uncanny Dodge; Light Steps(Ghoran Only) Petal ninjas are a secretive clan of ghoran infiltrators, in touch with their plantlike nature to the point where they can change their forms, allowing them access into places that were previously impossible to reach.

Petal ninja is an archetype available only to ghorans.