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Mesmerist Class Details | Stares | Tricks | Archetypes

Mesmerist Archetypes

AromaphileHypnotic Stare; Painful Stare; Towering Ego; Bold Stare; Touch Treatment; Mental Potency(Ghoran only) Rather than employ the baleful glares of the typical mesmerist, aromaphiles hypnotize others using an array of sickeningly sweet scents developed from their unique ghoran physiology.
AutohypnotistHypnotic Stare; Mental PotencyAn autohypnotist has incredibly powerful psychic abilities that he can’t entirely control.
Chart CasterClass Skills; Mesmerist Tricks; Manifold Tricks; Touch TreatmentLirgeni astrologists would divine their futures by consulting star charts, but some had no talent for astrology and simply faked their results. When prophecy died with Aroden, a few Lirgeni survivors continued with this “reliable” method.
Cult MasterConsummate Liar; Painful Stare; Mesmerist Tricks; 3rd, 6th, and 14th-level Touch Treatments; 7th-level Bold Stare; Masterful Tricks; Rule MindsThe leaders of some cults are simply charlatans, bathing in the adulation of their followers. Others believe themselves to be truly in touch with an unknown power, bringing their unique messages to those willing to follow and obey them.
DreamstalkerPainful Stare; 1st-level Mesmerist Trick; Towering Ego; Touch Treatment; Manifold Tricks; Glib LieMany mesmerists concentrate their studies on conscious, rational thought, but dreamstalkers instead delve into the unleashed unconscious mind that wanders free in dreams.
EnigmaHypnotic Stare; Consummate Liar; Painful Stare; Touch Treatment; Manifold Tricks; Glib Lie; Rule Minds An enigma spends his life dedicated to developing psychic abilities that allow him to operate unnoticed.
EyebiterConsummate Liar; 1st-level Mesmerist Trick; Touch Treatment; Mental Potency; Glib Lie An eyebiter’s eyes become so infused with psychic might that they can leave the eyebiter’s body and move about on their own.
Fey TricksterClass Skills; Spellcasting; Towering Ego; Touch Treatment; Rule Minds Most mesmerists draw psychic power from the Astral Plane, but a few gain their powers in an unusual way: from a brush with the fey.
GaslighterAlignment; Consummate Liar; Touch Treatment; Painful Stare; A gaslighter takes joy in others’ suffering, delighting in driving them to madness.
Hate-MongerAlignment; Consummate Liar; Touch Treatment; Mental Potency; Manifold Tricks; 7th-level Bold Stare; Glib Lie Hate-mongers are xenophobic and judgmental rabblerousers who whip up mobs against enemies real or imagined.
Material ManipulatorSpellcasting; Consummate Liar; 2nd-level Mesmerist Trick; Manifold Tricks; Touch Treatment; Rules MindsRather than waste time limiting himself to ruling minds, a material manipulator forces his whims upon reality and uses his magic to ensure that those around him comply with his demands.
Mindwyrm MesmerConsummate Liar; Painful Stare Mindwyrm mesmers emulate the confidence, swagger, and fear inspired by dragons to bully and browbeat others into obedience.
ProjectionistSpellcasting; 4th-level Mesmerist Trick; Mental PotencyNot content to simply command others from afar, a projectionist is able to use his mesmerizing powers to utterly dominate other creatures and objects by projecting his spirit from his body.
Spirit WalkerSpells; Consummate Liar; Mental Potency; 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 14th-level Touch Treatments; Rule MindsSome mesmerists specialize in dominating and controlling undead rather than the living.
Thought EaterConsummate Liar; Towering Ego; Touch Treatment; Rule MindsMesmerists that learn to pierce deep into the minds of their victims are known as thought eaters, dangerous individuals capable of devouring thoughts and assuming the knowledge those notions represent for themselves.
ToxiticianConsummate Liar; Hypnotic Stare; Painful Stare; Bold Stare; Touch Treatment; Glib LieToxiticians forgo the mesmerist’s stare, instead combining their psychic power with their alchemical knowledge to craft injections that torment their foes and bolster themselves and their allies.
Umbral MesmeristSpellcasting; 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th-level Mesmerist Tricks; Towering Ego; Mental PotencyTrained in secret, umbral mesmerists are clandestine weapons who spend years learning how to shape terrifying creatures from the inky darkness in which they revel.
Vexing DaredevilClass Skills; 1st-level Mesmerist Trick; Touch Treatment; Bold Stare; Glib TongueVexing daredevils train their psychic powers for combat, specializing in momentarily blinding and confusing their foes with sudden feints and tricks.
Vexing TricksterConsumate Liar, Touch TreatmentVexing tricksters indulge in the various hijinks their power enables.
VizierConsummate Liar; 3rd-level Bold Stare; Towering Ego; Mental PotencyWhile many mesmerists focus on beguiling their foes or taking overt control of others with their mental powers, viziers carve out a subtler niche for themselves as advisors.
VoxSpellcasting; Towering Ego; 10th-level Mesmerist Trick; Touch Treatment; Hypnotic StareMost mesmerists practice their mental manipulation through their entrancing gaze, but others have learned to practice their skill through the lilt and intonation of their voice.