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Medium Class Details | Spirits | Archetypes

Medium Archetypes

Fiend KeeperAlignment; Spirit; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection Channel; Ask the SpiritsFiend keepers serve as a vessel to contain one of the world’s evil spirits so that it cannot inflict further harm.
Kami MediumSpirit; Taboo; Spellcasting; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection Channel; Ask the Spirits; Astral JourneySome mediums channel the power of nature spirits called kami rather than the spirits of legend.
Medium of the MasterClass Skills; Armor Proficiency; Spirit; Spirit Surge; Spirit Power (Lesser): Shared Seance; Spirit Power (Intermediate); Trance of Three; Spirit Power (Supreme)A medium of the master forgoes a connection with most spirits to form a bond with the spirits of great martial artists.
Nexian ChannelerSpirit; Knacks; Taboo; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection Channel; Propitiation; Ask the Spirits; Astral Journey; Trance of Three; Spacious Soul; Spirit Mastery; Astral BeaconThe archmage Nex long ago created an astral reflection of himself from which he can draw additional power. This echo now serves as an appropriate spirit for well-trained mediums to channel.
Outer ChannelerSpirit; Taboo; Haunt Channeler; Connection Channel; Location Channel; Ask the Spirits; Astral JourneyOuter channelers invite extraplanar entities to inhabit them, allowing the likes of angels and demons to use them as vessels in exchange for power.
Reanimated MediumSpirit; Taboo; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection Channel; Spacious Soul; Astral BeaconSometimes a departed soul destined for legend gains a second chance at life by possessing his own revived body.
Relic ChannelerSpirit; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection ChannelA relic channeler carries relics of legend around with her.
Rivethun Spirit ChannelerSpellcasting; Spirit; Spirit Bonus; Spirit Surge; Taboo; Connection ChannelRivethun spirit channelers are mediums who practice the ancient dwarven philosophy of the rivethun, which teaches that power lies in the connection between physical bodies and immaterial souls.
Spirit DancerSpirit; Spirit Bonus; Spirit Surge; Taboo; Shared Seance; Trance of Three; Spacious Soul; Astral BeaconA spirit dancer enacts an exuberant dance to the spirits, accepting many roles in the shifting dance and changing dance partners quickly.
Spirit EaterHaunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection ChannelGuardians of their communities, spirit eaters absorb the dead to channel their power and serve as a line of defense against all manner of incorporeal yokai.
Storm DreamerSpirit Surge; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection ChannelStorm dreamers serve the Storm Kindlers by communing with their mystical predecessors. They serve as spiritual advisors for the organization, and are valued for the lore and wisdom they gain during their trances.
StorytellerSpirit; Spirit Bonus; Spirit Surge; Shared Seance; Taboo; Haunt Channeler; Propitiation; Trance of Three; Connection Channel; Spirit Mastery; Astral BeaconWhile all mediums connect to legendary spirits, storyteller mediums take their obsession with legends to the extreme, suffusing their lives with epic tales at the cost of some of their spiritual power.
Uda WendoClass Skills; Spirit; Shared Seance; Haunt Channeler; Location Channel; Connection ChannelUda wendo are powerful mediums who are sensitive to the presence and desires of the wendo, powerful and mysterious entities that walk Golarion while shaping fate and guiding destiny.
Vessel of the FailedSpirit; Spirit Mastery; Spirit Surge; TabooA vessel of the failed channels the spirits of those who attempted the Test of the Starstone but failed; these spirits grant the medium abilities wrought from the spirits’ ultimate shortcomings.
Voice of the VoidSpirit; Taboo; Haunt ChannelerSome mediums delve deeply into the spirit world and make contact with entities that exist outside the boundaries of the sane multiverse.