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Gunslinger Archetypes

Black Powder VaulterDeadeye; Gunslinger's Dodge; Gunslinger Initiative; Startling Shot; Expert LoadingBlack powder vaulters like to get into the thick of the battle, maneuvering among the fray to find the most advantageous positions from which to kill their enemies.
BlatherskiteClass Skills; Gunslinger's Dodge; Gunslinger Initiative; Pistol-Whip; Startling ShotThe blatherskate has an extraordinary talent for retreating from harm’s way and fooling his enemies into thinking he is weaker than he is.
Bolt AceWeapon Proficiencies; Gunsmith; Grit; Deadeye; Quick Clear; Utility Shot; Startling Shot; Expert Loading; Lightning Reload; Menacing Shot; Gun TrainingWhile gunslingers are full of sound and fury, there is a class of gunslingers that never soil their hands with powder or feel the sting of gun smoke.
BuccaneerQuick Clear Deed; Pistol Whip Deed; Dead Shot Deed; Lightning Reload Deed; Grit; Nimble; Gun Training 1,2, and 4(Human Only) Freebooters who cling to the convoluted codes that rule independent ships, the buccaneer is a gunslinger of the high seas.
BushwhackerGrit; Utility Shot Deed; Targeting Deed; 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th-level Bonus Feats(Kobold Only) The bushwhacker specializes in the art of the ambush. For her, gunplay works best when it comes from a concealed position and is directed against a target that falls with the very first volley and is dead before the smoke clears.
CommandoClass Skills; Utility Shot; Expert Loading; Lightning Reload; Slinger's Luck; 4th-level Bonus Feat; Gun TrainingCommandos are those rough and ready gunslingers who excel at hit-and-run tactics and leveraging their expertise in the wild against their enemies.
Experimental GunsmithGunsmith; Gunsmithing; Gun Training(Gnome Only) The experimental gunsmith is obsessed with creating the ultimate firearm, and is willing to take risks to work the kinks out of her design.
FirebrandGunsmith; Grit; Deadeye; Dead Shot; Bonus Feats; Gun TrainingWhere other gunslingers rely on precision shooting, the firebrand instead masters explosive ordnance.
GraveslingerDeadeye; Startling Shot; Bleeding Wound; Menacing Shot; 4th-level Bonus FeatGraveslingers craft signature bullets to hunt down wandering undead. With this infused ammunition, they can take on the most resilient spectral foes with ease.
Gulch GunnerClass Skills; Grit; Deadeye Deed; Pistol Whip Deed; Menacing Shot Deed; 9th, 13th, 17th-level Gun Training(Ratfolk Only) These gulch gunners often specialize in proficiency with a single pistol (easily handled in tight spaces) and wander from warren to warren selling their tunnel-shooting skills to the highest bidder.
Gun ScavengerGunsmith; Quick Clear Deed; Targeting Deed; NimbleA gun scavenger collects scraps, spare parts, and other components that might—if modified properly—give her firearm an extra edge.
Gun TankArmor Proficiency; Gunslinger’s Dodge Deed; Evasive Deed; Nimble; Bonus Feats (4th level and every 4 levels after)Gunslingers usually don’t use heavy armor, but there are a few who use and modify their armor to protect themselves from both traditional weapons and gunfire.
Gunner SquireGunslinger's Dodge; Gunslinger Initiative; Nimble +1The gunner squire is prepared to reload or repair her lord's firearms at a moment's notice.
MaverickDodge; Pistol Whip; Gunslinger InitiativeQuick with her gun and no stranger to barroom brawls, a maverick can hold her own when bullets and punches start flying.
Musket MasterWeapon Proficiency; Gunsmith; Gunslinger’s Dodge Deed; Utility Shot Deed; Gun Training 1-4Some gunslingers want a little more firepower and range. These are the musket masters; the best of these gunslingers can reload a musket with dazzling speed, potentially putting even their pistol-wielding brethren to shame.
Mysterious StrangerGrit; Quick Clear Deed; Nimble; Gun Training 1A few rare gunslingers seem to accomplish their chosen tasks purely through willpower and an unwillingness to ever give up.
PistoleroWeapon Proficiency; Gunsmith; Deadeye Deed; Startling Shot Deed; Menacing Shot Deed; Gun Training 1-4While most gunslingers have favorite firearms, there are those rare ones who choose to specialize in one-handed firearms exclusively.
Planar RifterGrit; Deadeye; Dead Shot; Menacing Shot; Death's Shot; Nimble; Gun TrainingPlanar rifters harvest pieces of the Outer Planes, absorbing some of the energy into themselves and condensing other portions of it into bullets they can fire from their guns
Scatter GunnerGunsmith; Deadeye; Utility Shot; Dead Shot; TargetingPunishing firearms such as the blunderbuss and dragon pistol can lay waste to invaders in tight corridors, and the dwarves of Dongun Hold have pioneered masterful methods for making the most of these indiscriminate weapons
Siege GunnerGrit; Nimble; Deadeye; Gunslinger Initiative; Bonus FeatsThe Grand Duchy of Alkenstar has spawned all manner of firearm specialists, wielding small and large firearms alike. Siege gunners specialize in the very largest— cannons, bombards, and firedrakes.
TechslingerDeadeye; Quick Clear; Expert Loading; Gun TrainingTechslingers spurn unreliable gunpowder weapons in favor of high-tech armaments.
ThronewardenClass Skills; Nimble; 4th-level Bonus Feat; Startling Shot; Bleeding Wound As vigilant sentinels, thronewardens identify and head off trouble.
Wyrm SniperClass Skills; Starling Shot Deed; Lightning Reload Deed; Menacing Shot DeedThese long-shot artists are masters at taking down dragons with sharp shooting and light siege weaponry.