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Cavalier Archetypes

Beast RiderMount; Expert TrainerWhere some cavaliers are simply skilled with horses or well-trained knights, the beast rider spends his life in constant pursuit of the most perfect mount, forming bonds with greater, more powerful, and more exotic creatures.
CastellanMount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Mighty Charge; Demanding Challenge; Supreme ChargeA castellan is a cavalier who dedicates himself to the defense of a castle or walled city.
ChargerClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Mount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Mighty Charge(Centaur Only) No warrior better epitomizes the centaur’s devastating martial power than the charger.
Circuit JudgeTactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Challenge; Demanding ChallengeA circuit judge claims a specific region, becoming an expert in the local laws and, perhaps, becoming a fearsome executioner.
ConstableClass Skills; Mount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Mighty Charge; Supreme Charge; Greater BannerConstables keep order in the narrow streets and dark alleys of settlements.
Courtly KnightTactician; Greater Tactician; Master TacticianThese courtly knights are equally at home in a duel with words or swords.
Daring ChampionWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Mount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Mighty Charge; Supreme ChargeWhile many cavaliers are the champions of old fighting forms, some younger, more daring cavaliers mix a martial style influenced by the lighter armored and more flamboyant swashbuckler forms with the dedication of cavalier orders.
Daring General6th, 12th, 18th-level Bonus Feats; Demanding Challenge; Supreme ChargeThose cavaliers most gifted at command often become daring generals.
Disciple of the PikeMount; Cavalier's Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Greater Banner; Mighty Charge; Supreme ChargeThe Hellknight Order of the Pike are renowned monster hunters, taking on large game using ancient weapon arts combined with modern equipment.
DrakeriderMount; Tactcian; Expert Trainer; Banner; Greater Tactician; Greater Banner; Master Tactician; While many cavaliers dream of riding a dragon into battle, drakeriders come to learn that the reality involves far more effort than they had expected.
EmissaryTactician; Banner; Greater Tactician; Greater Banner; Supreme ChargeSome cavaliers focus more on speed and mobility than they do on the raw power of the mounted charge.
EsquireMount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Mighty Charge; Supreme ChargeThe esquire is a roving knight who acquires the services of a faithful follower—an aide-de-camp—who serves as the esquire’s assistant, spear carrier, and guard.
Fell RiderMount; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Mighty Charge; Greater Banner; Supreme Charge(Hobgoblin Only) The fell rider rides a bestial steed, a mount mastered by him alone. He tramples his enemies down, leaving twisted bodies in his wake, and fear rides with him.
First Mother's FangClass Skills; Weapon Proficiencies; Mount; OrderA first mother’s fang acts as a servant of his nation, a skilled general and tactician in times of war and a noble governor during times of peace.
GallantOrder; Banner; Greater BannerGallants embody the virtues of honor, generosity, and civility. Their personal symbol serves as an inspiration to others in a courtly setting as much as on a battlefield.
GendarmeTactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Supreme ChargeThe gendarme cares less for the finer points of tactical precision than he does for the exhilaration of the charge: the rush of wind through the visor of his helmet, the feel of his couched lance, the satisfying shriek of armor giving way before his weapon’s force as the point drives past metal into his foes.
Ghost RiderMount; Tactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Mighty Charge; Greater BannerGhost riders are conflicted warriors who use the powers of the phantasmal dead even while seeking out and banishing the corruption of undeath from plagued communities.
Green KnightTactician; Mount; Order; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Greater Tactician; Mighty Charge; Greater Banner; Master Tactician; Supreme ChargeSome knights serve nature itself and can be found protecting unspoiled natural places or serving fey beings.
Herald SquireTactician; 2nd-level Order Ability; Cavalier's ChargeThe herald squire is the eyes and ears of a traveling knight.
Honor GuardChallenge; Cavalier’s Charge; Mighty Charge; Demanding ChallengeCertain cavaliers are trained not as advance combatants, but as loyal guards, standing as firm defenders in the face of threats to their chosen charge.
Hooded KnightClass Skills; Mount; Tactician; Greater Tactician; Master TacticianSome cavaliers wander the lonely roads of the world—any world, including the First World—protecting travelers and acting as their honor guard.
HuntmasterWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Challenge; Mount; Tactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Cavalier’s Charge; Expert Trainer; Banner; Bonus Feats; Mighty Charge; Greater Banner; Supreme ChargeHuntmasters train the beasts favored by lordly castes into swift and deadly trackers.
HussarArmor Proficiencies; Class Skills; Tactician; Banner; Greater Banner; 6th, 12th, 18th-level Bonus Feats; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician Agile and maneuverable cavalry, hussars make up for their relatively light armor with their speed and cunning.
Knight of ArnisantTactician; Expert Trainer; Banner; Greater Tactician; Demanding Challenge; Greater TacticianThe cavaliers known as knights of Arnisant revere the famous general who was crucial in the defeat of the Whispering Tyrant, the powerful wizard-king. Knights of Arnisant call upon Arnisant to grant them protection from evil magic, just as the Shield of Aroden protected him.
Luring CavalierChallenge; Cavalier’s Charge; Mighty Charge; Demanding Challenge; Supreme ChargeThose who study the perfection of strategy and tactics know that picking the battlefield can grant advantages that only overwhelming numbers of allies can eclipse.
MusketeerMount; Expert TrainerSome cavaliers are entrusted by their masters with the care and use of expensive and powerful oddities—firearms.
OceanriderArmor Proficiency; Mount; Expert TrainerOceanriders are underwater cavaliers who ride dolphins, orcas, or seahorses.
Qabarat OutriderArmor Proficiency; Tactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Banner; Greater Banner(Lashunta Only) The war colleges of the Castrovelian city-state of Qabarat produce a distinctive breed of cavalier known as the Qabarat outrider. In defense of the lashunta city-states, outriders lead small units of regular troops, the members of which can link minds with one another to form bonds in battle few can match.
Qadiran HorselordWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Mount; Tactician; Cavalier's Charge; 6th-level Bonus Feat; Greater Tactician; Master TacticianMuch like the breed of horses they ride, Qadiran horselords pride themselves on their mobility and endurance.
Saurian ChampionClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Challenge; Order; Cavalier’s Mount; Tactician; Greater Tactician; Master Tactician; Banner; Greater BannerThese primeval cavaliers idolize dinosaurs as apex predators and value them as powerful, oversized mounts.
Sister-in-ArmsChallenge; Order; Mount; Cavalier's Charge; Expert Trainer; Mighty Charge; Supreme ChargeSome of the most charismatic Gray Maidens combine their devotion to their sisters with the intense tactical training they received, learning to perfectly direct their companions and inspiring them to survive and emerge victorious.
Spellscar DrifterWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Tactician; Cavalier’s Charge; Banner Cavalier; Bonus Feats; Greater Tactician; Mighty Charge; Demanding Challenge; Master Tactician; Supreme ChargeSpellscar drifters are self-reliant and always keep their firearms loaded—in the Spellscar Desert, a rider with a slow draw doesn’t live long.
Standard BearerMount; Banner; Mighty Charge; Supreme ChargeSome cavaliers prefer to stand away from the fray, their banners a beacon shining brightly over the battlefield, rallying their troops to victory.
StrategistExpert Trainer; Greater Banner; 18th-level Bonus FeatSome cavaliers make a lifelong mission out of their exceptional ability to direct troops on the battlefield, combining tactical insight with a preternatural skill at improving the teamwork of their allies in order to win the day.
VerdivantExpert Trainer; Tactician; Banner; Greater Tactician; Greater Banner; Master Tactician; Bonus Feats; Cavalier's ChargeSome vine leshys’ spirits are vibrant enough to project this animus beyond their own bodies
Vermin TamerMount; Expert Trainer; Demanding ChallengeDue to the strange terrain, the lack of sunlight, and numerous other hazards, keeping a traditional mount in the Darklands can prove difficult. Cavaliers native to or traveling the region may choose to tame local creatures instead.
Wave RiderWeapon/Armor Proficiency; MountThroughout the Inner Sea region, wave riders patrol harbors, keeping them safe from dangerous sea creatures and watching for smugglers. The most famous of these is the hippocampus-riding Sea Cavalry of Absalom.