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Brawler Class Details | Archetypes

Brawler Archetypes

Battle DancerClass Skills; Armor Proficiencies; Brawler's Cunning; Brawler's Flurry; AC Bonus; KnockoutBattle dancers practice a martial art that emphasizes constant motion
BouncerMartial Flexibility; 2nd-level Bonus Feat; Close Weapon MasterySome taverns employ bouncers to keep out undesirables or for when their customers get too rowdy.
Constructed PugilistClass Skills; Martial Flexibility; Bonus Combat FeatsBrawlers that develop combat skills that use their prostheses so they always have a weapon at hand
ExemplarUnarmed Strike; Close Weapon Mastery; Maneuver Training; AC Bonus; Brawler’s StrikeA versatile soldier who inspires her companions with her fighting prowess, an exemplar is at home on the front lines of battles anywhere.
Feral StrikerMartial FlexibilityA feral striker taps into a reservoir of druidic power hidden inside herself, allowing her to take animalistic characteristics.
HinyasiArmor Proficiencies; 2nd-level Bonus Feat; Knockout; Close Weapon MasteryThe hinyasi's martial traditions are centered on the use of farming tools and on other improvised weapons.
Living Avalanche2nd and 5th-level Bonus Feats; Maneuver Training; AC Bonus; Awesome Blow; Improved Awesome BlowWhen a living avalanche is on the move, no one can stand in her way.
Mutagenic MaulerMartial Flexibility; AC BonusNot content with perfecting her body with natural methods, a mutagenic mauler resorts to alchemy to unlock the primal beast within.
Shield ChampionWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th-level Maneuver Training; Brawler’s StrikeStalwart in battle, a shield champion has perfected an entire martial discipline relying on only her hand-to-hand fighting skills and her ever-present shield.
Snakebite StrikerClass Skills; Martial Flexibility; 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 19th-level Maneuver TrainingWith her lightning quickness and guile, a snakebite striker keeps her foes’ attention focused on her, because any one of her feints might be an actual attack.
Steel-BreakerClass Skills; Brawler’s Strike; Maneuver TrainingThe steel-breaker studies destruction and practices it as an art form.
StranglerClass Skills; Brawler’s Flurry; AC Bonus; Knockout; Awesome Blow; Improved Awesome BlowA strangler is trained to choke the life out of her victims with her vise-like grip.
Strong-Side BoxerAC Bonus; Maneuver Training; Close Weapon MasteryA strong-side boxer employs a unique fighting style that incorporates a rope or cord wound around her hand.
TurferManeuver Training; KnockoutA turfer has a mastery over particular types of terrain.
Ulfen Beast-WrestlerManeuver Training; AC BonusFor these mighty grapplers, wrestling normal opponents has lost its challenge—they seek greater targets for glory.
VenomfistUnarmed Strike; Knockout; Close Weapon MasteryThanks to alchemical experiments and rigorous study of venomous creatures, a venomfist has toxic unarmed strikes.
Verdant Grappler2nd and 11th-level Bonus Feats; Maneuver Training; Close Weapon MasteryBy accepting spirits of nature into her soul, a verdant grappler can entangle her foes with tangled undergrowth.
Wild ChildClass Skills; 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 20th-level Bonus Combat Feats; Close Weapon Mastery; Maneuver TrainingThe wild child works with his sworn animal friend to conquer the challenges that lay before them.
Winding Path Renegade2nd, 8th, 14th-level Bonus Feat; AC BonusWinding path renegades studied at the Houses of Perfection in Jalmeray, but while they grasped the mechanical aspects of the forms, they lacked the mental discipline required by the masters of the school.