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Antipaladin Class Details | Archetypes

Antipaladin Archetypes

Blighted MyrmidonSmite Good; Fiendish Boon; 10th-level use of Smite Good; Aura of Vengeance; 15th-level Cruelty; Unholy ChampionBlighted myrmidons carry the seed of rot in their black hearts and sap life from the natural world.
Dread VanguardSpells; Aura of SinSome antipaladins serve or ally themselves with villains who are bent on earthly conquest.
FearmongerTouch of Corruption; CrueltyThe fearmonger wants to do more than cause pain, misery, and confusion. He wishes to spread fear among his foes and infect entire populations with it.
InsinuatorCode of Conduct; Aura of Evil; Detect Good; Smite Good; Touch of Corruption; Aura of Cowardice; Plague Bringer; Cruelty; Channel Negative Energy; Spells; Fiendish Boon; Aura of Despair; Aura of Vengeance; Aura of Sin; Aura of Depravity; Unholy ChampionBetween the selfless nobility of paladins and the chaotic menace of antipaladins, there exists a path of dedicated self-interest.
Iron TyrantTouch of Corruption; Cruelty; Channel Negative Energy; Fiendish BoonIron tyrants seek the strength to rule over domains as unfettered despots, and depend on their armor as protection against those they have not yet cowed.
Knight of the SepulcherFiendish Boon; Aura of Despair; 10th-level Smite Good use; Aura of Vengeance; Aura of Sin; Cruetly; Aura of Depravity; Unholy ChampionNot content with the antipaladin’s mere corruption of the soul, the knight of the sepulcher sacrifices mortality along with morality.
Rough RampagerAura of Cowardice; Aura of Despair; Aura of SinRough rampagers venerate Rovagug, reveling in the destruction the dark god represents.
Seal-BreakerAura of Cowardice; Fiendish Boon; Aura of Despair; Aura of VengeanceSeal-breakers are dedicated to the Whispering Tyrant and have tasked themselves with finding and destroying the seals that bind him within Gallowspire.
TyrantCode of Conduct; Class Skills; Fiendish BoonTyrants are manipulative and lawful antipaladins, chess masters who arrange things behind the scenes to ensure that whatever happens, evil always wins, and the tyrant along with it.