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Alchemist Archetypes

AerochemistMutagen, Swift Poisoning; Persistent Mutagen; Poison Use; Swift Alchemy; Poison ResistanceAerochemists use scraps of Shory’s magic in their concoctions to gain personal powers of flight.
Alchemical SapperClass Skills; Bomb; Mutagen; Poison Resistance; Swift Alchemy; 6th-level Discovery; Poison Immunity Alchemical sappers are trained to create explosives.
Alchemical Trapper2nd and 4th-level Discoveries(Kobold Only) Because kobolds rely on traps to soften up enemies, kobold alchemists learn to turn bombs into traps.
AquachymistClass Skills; Bombs; 2nd-level Discovery Aquachymists are those rare few alchemists of land-dwelling and aquatic races alike who strive to unlock new and fantastic secrets of alchemy that can be discovered only in the water’s depths.
BeastmorphSwift Alchemy; Swift Poisoning; Poison Immunity; Persistent MutagenBeastmorphs study the anatomy of monsters, learning how they achieve their strange powers.
Blazing TorchbearerBrew Potion; Poison Use; 4th-level DiscoveryThe blazing torchbearer is especially adept at manipulating flames of all kinds.
BlightseekerBombs; 6th, 12th, 18th-level Discovery; Persistent MutagenBlightseekers are alchemists devoted to the study of fungi native to the Darklands.
Blood AlchemistAlignment; Mutagen; Bombs Most alchemists can transform matter and energy into other forms, but some wicked specialists realize that life itself is an energy that can greatly fuel their alchemy.
Bogborn AlchemistClass Skills; Throw Anything(Grippli Only) Some grippli alchemists are particularly attuned to the swamps and the dangerous creatures that inhabit them; these serve as their laboratories and research subjects, respectively.
Bramble Brewer2nd-level Discovery; Mutagen; Greater Mutagen; Grand Mutagen(Half-Elf Only) Some half-elven alchemists merge human curiosity with their elven link to nature.
ChirurgeonPoison Use; Poison Resistance +4; Poison ImmunityAn alchemist who studies anatomy and uses this knowledge to heal is a chirurgeon.
Clone MasterBomb; Poison Resistance +6; Poison ImmunityClone masters practice duplicating existing creatures in order to better understand how to create new life.
Concocter2nd, 4th, 6th-level Discovery; Swift PoisoningConcocters are experts at combining sets of chemicals to create unique effects.
Construct RiderClass Skills; Brew Potion; Mutagen; 4th-level Discovery; ExtractsA construct rider creates arcane devices to emulate and surpass weak flesh.
Crimson ChymistMutagenCrimson chymists turn to the alchemical arts, infusing their bodies with the mutagenic essence of the Mantis God.
CruorchymistPoison Use; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Swift Poisoning; Mutagen; Brew PotionCruorchymists see their blood as just another tool for their experiments
Crypt BreakerAlchemist Bomb, Mutagen, Brew Potion, Persistent MutagenCrypt breakers use their powers of perception and alchemical adaptation to safely investigate the mysteries of the past.
Deep BomberPoison Use; Swift Alchemy; Instant Alchemy; Swift Poisoning(Svirfneblin Only) Consumed with keeping hidden from the horrors below the surface, svirfneblin use their racial proclivity for alchemy and their inherent talent for obfuscation to strike their enemies from the darkness and retreat unseen.
Dimensional Excavator4th-level DiscoveryDimensional excavators have discovered and recorded ways to cause their bombs to create minor tears in the fabric of reality, forming extradimensional pits to vex their foes.
Dragonblood ChymistMutagen; 2nd, 12th, 16th-level discovery; Throw Anything; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Swift Poisoning The dragonblood chymist specializes in the reckless distillation of extracts and elixirs that allow them to experience the might of a dragon, however dangerous it might be .
EctochymistClass Skills; Bombs; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Swift Poisoning; 8th-level Alchemist Discovery; Poison ImmunityEctochymists study the effects of alchemy on soul and spirit, focusing on fighting ghosts and other incorporeal creatures.
Ectoplasm MasterBrew PotionAlchemists capable of distilling spectral horrors into alchemical reagents.
Eldritch PoisonerBomb; Throw Anything; Mutagen; Persistent Mutagen; 4th-level DiscoveryEldritch poisoners are masters of the toxic arts, synthesizing lethal and incapacitating poisons with uncanny speed and expertise.
EnergistExtracts; Bombs; Poison Immunity; Throw Anything; 2nd-level Discovery; Swift Poisoning; Poison ResistanceWhile most alchemists experiment mainly with chemicals and physical materials to create disparate effects, energists tap into the energy of life or death: positive energy or negative energy.
Energy ScientistClass Skills; Alchemy; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Poison Use; Swift PoisoningEnergy scientists fervently prepare themselves to overcome exposure to specific elemental hazards so that they can traverse the Elemental Planes in search of novel discoveries and reagents.
FermenterPoison Resistance; 10th-level Discovery; Poison Use; Swift PoisoningLittle more than moonshiners to some, fermenters focus their efforts on imbibing substances, learning from the resulting effects on their bodies, and infusing this knowledge into their skill sets.
Fire BomberWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Bomb; Throw Anything; 4th-level Discovery; Poison Resistance +6; Poison Immunity; Persistent Mutagen(Goblin Only) Fire bombers are exceptionally good at using bombs to burn creatures and blow things up, but are not quite as good at creating other types of bombs or extracts.
First World InnovatorBrew Potion; Poison Use; Swift Poisoning; Poison Immunity; Bombs; Poison ResistanceThose who can harness primal reagents—mundane reagents infused with the power of the First World—walk a fine line between genius and catastrophe.
Gloom ChymistBomb; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Swift PoisoningA breakthrough in Nidalese alchemy led to the creation of glooms, magical fields of darkness from the Shadow Plane that can be momentarily animated with the use of strange compounds.
GrenadierBrew Potion, Poison Resistance, Poison Use, Swift Poisoning, Poison ImmunityGrenadiers sacrifice their skill with poisons in order to become more adept at using alchemical bombs.
Grenadier [MC]Brew Potion; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Swift Poisoning; Poison ImmunityGrenadiers train to exercise their talents in the thick of battle, even when not under the influence of their mutagens. They learn methods of combining weapon attacks with their alchemical magic, and sacrifice skill with poisons in order to become more adept at using alchemical bombs or using alchemical items in conjunction with their martial skills.
Gun ChemistWeapon and Armor Proficiencies; Bombs; Brew Potion; Throw Anything; Poison Resistance; Swift PoisoningSimple alchemists may dabble in explosives, but for the rare gun chemist, a firearm’s barrel is his crucible
HerbalistAlchemy; Key Ability Score; Throw Anything; Bombs; Poison Use; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity(Vine Leshy only) Vine leshys who study the physical and spiritual composition of their own bodies have discovered a strange herbal alchemy all their own.
HomunculistPoison Use; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Swift Poisoning; MutagenOne of the grand goals of alchemy is the ability to create new life. A homunculist has made this dream a reality, growing and modifying a familiar in his own laboratory.
HorticulturistMutagen; 2nd and 4th-level Discoveries; Bomb; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Poison Immunity; Persistent MutagenA horticulturist spends his time cultivating plants and plant creatures, allowing him to experiment with strange and wondrous herbal concoctions.
Ice ChemistBomb; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; 2nd-level DiscoveryReclusive alchemists who dwell in the highest mountains or on the frozen tundra devote their skills to mastering the cold.
Inspired ChemistMutagenAkin to a mindchemistUM, inspired chemists use a type of cognatogen that instead of increasing their mental ability scores grants them inspiration like an investigator.
Internal AlchemistThrow Anything; Swift Alchemy; Swift PoisoningAn internal alchemist studies medicine, diet, and the living body to purify the self in the hope of gaining immortality.
InterrogatorClass Skills; Bomb; Mutagen; Persistent Mutagen An interrogator extracts vital information from reluctant individuals using alchemical and traditional methods.
Mad ScientistAlchemy, 2nd, 4th-level Discovery; MutagenThe mad scientist’s colleagues laughed at her insights, mocked her theories, and hounded her from the halls of academia, simply because they were too weak and frightened to understand her work.
MetamorphClass Skills; Bomb; Extracts; Throw Anything; Swift Alchemy; Swift Poisoning; Instant AlchemyMetamorphs eschew traditional alchemy, focusing on internal chemistry and the transfiguration of living forms.
MindchemistMutagen; Poison UseA mindchemist can reach incredible levels of mental acuity, but suffers lingering debilitating effects to his physique.
MixologistAlchemy; Brew Potion; Mutagen; 2nd-level Discovery; POison Resistance; Persistent MutagenMixologists focus on mastering the chemical reactions between alcohol and the physical body.
MnemostillerKey Ability Score; Alchemy; Throw Anything; Mutagen; Bombs; Poison Resistance; Poison UseMnemostillers extract memories; hey can return memories as easily as administering a potion, and experienced mnemostillers create a variety of effects through the careful administration of past traumas or victories
Oenopion ResearcherPoison Use, Swift AlchemyThe alchemist of Oenopion is incredibly skilled at making potions, elixirs, and other materials crucial to the country's economy and its monster-creating fleshforges.
OozemasterClass Skills; Bomb; Brew Potion; Poison Resistance; Poison ImmunityThe oozemaster is a specialized alchemist who fights and ensnares oozes.
PerfumerExtracts; Brew Potion; Bomb; Mutagen; Persistent MutagenA perfumer alchemist refines extracts to their most pure and rarefied forms to spread on the wind
Plague BringerMutagen; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity(Ratfolk Only) The plague bringer sees disease as the ultimate weapon, and has worked tirelessly to master new diseases and disease-delivery systems.
PreservationistPoison Use; Poison Resistance +4; Poison Resistance +6; Poison Immunity; Persistant Mutagen; 18th-level DiscoverySome alchemists are obsessed with collecting and preserving exotic creatures.
Promethean AlchemistBrew Potion; Throw Anything; Bombs; MutagenObsessed with discovering the origins of life, promethean alchemists build constructs they gradually endow with life.
PsychonautBomb; Poison Resistance +4; Poison Resistance +6; Poison Immunity; 15th-level Bomb Damage Increase; 17th-level Bomb Damage IncreaseA psychonaut uses his knowledge to explore altered states of consciousness and even other planes of existence.
RagechemistPoison Use; Swift Poisoning; Poison ImmunitySome alchemists create mutagens that tap into a primal anger that fuels their physical transformation.
ReanimatorBomb; 7th-level Bomb Damage Increase; 13th-level Bomb Damage Increase; 15th-level Bomb Damage IncreaseA reanimator is an alchemist who has discovered how to infuse a corpse with a semblance of life.
Royal AlchemistClass Skills; Poison Use; Swift PoisoningMany rulers often hire specialized alchemists capable of concocting protections from both poisons and diseases for the nobles and their guests.
SaboteurMutagen(Gnome Only) The saboteur is an alchemist who specializes in destroying the plans, materials, and allies of his enemies.
Sacrament AlchemistDeity; Mutagen; Swift AlchemySacrament alchemists serve in a great variety of priestly roles for their deities.
TinkererMutagen; Poison Resistance; Poison Use; Swift Poisoning; Poison Immunity; Persistent MutagenTinkerers constantly dabble in clockworking, creating special familiars that they regularly upgrade and with which they form bizarre bonds.
ToxicantMutagen; Persistent MutagenIn lands such as Daggermark and Katapesh where poisons are legal and may be openly studied and sold, some alchemists obsess over the myriad ways that poisons and venoms can be applied and delivered.
Trap BreakerPoison Use; Poison Resistance +2, +4, +6; Swift Poisoning; Poison ImmunityTrap breakers forgo the study of poison to instead master the construction and deployment of traps, using their nimble fingers to disable dangerous devices and their alchemical knowledge to create devastating land mines.
VaultbreakerBrew Potion; Bombs; Throw Anything; Poison UseThe vaultbreaker combines stealth with his bomb-making talents to construct special focused charges that can disable or destroy hinges, locks, and similar mechanisms.
VivisectionistBombA vivisectionist studies bodies to better understand their function.
Wasteland BlightbreakerPoison Resistance +2, +6; Swift Poisoning; 8th-level Discovery The deleterious effects of the weird hazards of the Mana Wastes require special skill to remedy.
Winged MarauderClass Skills; Mutagen; Persistent Mutagen(Goblin Only) Goblin alchemists have created a mixture of pheromones that they use to manipulate and entice giant vultures or dire bats to do their bidding.