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Summoner Class Details | Archetypes

Wild Caller (ARG)

Source Advanced Race Guide pg. 44
Often a half-elf’s ties to nature and elven heritage are so strong that they can dramatically affect the nature of his summonings. The wild caller calls eidolons that take more natural and savage forms and summons from nature rather than the Great Beyond. A wild caller has the following class features.

Spells: A wild caller does not have access to summon monster spells. Instead, he swaps out those spells on his spell list with summon nature’s ally spells of the same level. This ability alters the normal spell list of the summoner.

Eidolon: The eidolon of a wild caller tends to take more natural and more savage forms than other summoners’ eidolons. A wild caller gains 1/4 his class level as bonus evolution points in his eidolon’s evolution pool, but his eidolon cannot take the following evolutions:

1-point evolutions: basic magic, magic attacks, skilled (while the eidolon can select this evolution, it can only do so with the following skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, Intimidate, Perception, Survival, and Swim), unnatural aura; 2-point evolutions: energy attacks, immunity, weapon training, channel resistance, head, minor magic, undead appearance; 3-point evolutions: damage reduction, frightful presence, major magic; 4-point evolutions: breath weapon, spell resistance, dimension door, incorporeal form, lifesense, no breath, ultimate magic.

This ability alters the normal summoner’s eidolon class feature, but is otherwise identical to that class feature.

Summon Nature’s Ally I (Sp): Starting at 1st level, a wild caller can cast summon nature’s ally a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the power of this ability increases by one spell level, allowing him to summon more powerful creatures (to a maximum of summon nature’s ally IX at 17th level). Furthermore, at 19th level, the wild caller cannot use gate as a spell-like ability, but can use either summon elder worm or summon froghemoth instead. This ability otherwise functions like the standard summoner’s summon monster I ability and replaces that ability.