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Source Ultimate Magic pg. 59
While all oracles possess some ability at divination, the seer is a true prophet, able to see things as they really are, or will be.

Recommended Mysteries: lore, nature, time.

Bonus Spells: detect thoughts (4th), clairaudience/clairvoyance (6th), scrying (8th), true seeing (10th), legend lore (12th), greater scrying (14th), vision (16th), foresight (18th). These bonus spells replace the oracle’s mystery bonus spells at these levels.

Revelations: A seer must take the following revelations at the listed levels.

Natural Divination (Ex): As the nature mystery revelation. You must take this revelation at 1st level.

Gift of Prophecy (Su): Once per day, you can enter a trance to gain a glimpse of the future. This trance lasts for 1 minute, which must be uninterrupted and during which you can take no other actions. At 3rd level, you gain the benefits of an augury spell with 90% effectiveness. At 5th level, you gain the benefits of a divination spell with 90% effectiveness. At 9th level, the knowledge you gain is equivalent to a commune spell. None of these spell effects require material components. You must take this revelation at 3rd level.