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Ocean's Echo

Source Blood of the Sea pg. 12
Although many merfolk claim deep connections to both art and the natural world, a rare few merfolk can manipulate the forces of nature and weave them into song. An ocean’s echo is a merfolk gifted with the powers of an oracle and a singing voice that evokes the legendary tales of merfolk virtuosos.

Class Skills: An ocean’s echo adds Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (nature), and Perform to her list of class skills.

These replace the additional class skills from her mystery.

Bonus Spells: Sound burst (4th), shout (8th), song of discord (10th), greater shout (12th), and pied pipingAPG (14th). These bonus spells replace the oracle’s mystery bonus spells at these levels.

Inspiring Song (Ex): The voice of an ocean’s echo provides inspiration to allies. This ability is identical to bardic performance (using Perform [sing] only), allowing her to inspire courage at 1st level, inspire competence at 3rd level, and inspire heroics at 15th level, as a bard of the ocean’s echo’s level. It is usable a total number of rounds per day equal to her level + her Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

This ability replaces the revelations gained at 1st, 3rd, and 15th level.

Recommended Mysteries: AncestorUM, heavens, life, lore, nature, timeUM, waves, wind.