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Nexian Channeler

Source Occult Origins pg. 10
Normally, storied figures who simply disappear don’t form legendary spirits (see Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Realms), but the archmage Nex long ago created an astral reflection of himself from which he can draw additional power. This echo now serves as an appropriate spirit for well-trained mediums to channel. Nex’s legendary spirit is more powerful and willful than most legendary spirits, however; it embraces only mediums who visit distinct locations and master opening their third eyes.

Legend of Nex (Su): A Nexian channeler gains access to the Nex legendary spirit instead of an archmage spirit. This ability alters the spirit ability.

Third Eye (Sp, Su): A Nexian channeler knows one fewer knack than his level would normally indicate, but he gains Third Eye (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 141) as a bonus feat. Beginning at 2nd level, when he selects a taboo, the Nexian channeler can use his third eye for 2 minutes per character level each day, instead of gaining free uses of spirit surge. This ability alters knacks and taboo.

Impossible Eye (Su): Starting at 3rd level, a Nexian channeler gains additional powers from his third eye. At 3rd level, while his third eye is open, his caster level for divination spells increases by 1 and he gains darkvision with a range of 60 feet. At 5th level, while his third eye is open, he gains constant detect magic. At 7th level, while his third eye is open, he gains constant arcane sight instead of detect magic. At 9th level, while his third eye is open, his bonus on Perception checks against invisible creatures improves to see invisibility. At 13th level, he can concentrate for 1 minute to send his third eye from his body, as per arcane eye (this duration counts against the daily duration for which he can open his third eye, and if the arcane eye is destroyed, he loses all remaining minutes of his third eye ability for that day). At 14th level, as a standard action while his third eye is open, he can spend 1 minute of the duration he can open his third eye to use analyze dweomer on a single target. At 15th level, while his third eye is open, he gains true seeing. At 18th level, while his third eye is open, his arcane sight improves to greater arcane sight. This ability replaces haunt channeler, location channel, connection channel, propitiation, ask the spirits, astral journey, trance of three, and spacious soul.

Third Eye Mastery (Su): At 19th level, a Nexian channeler can open his third eye for longer than normal. He can open his third eye for 5 minutes per medium level (increasing to 10 minutes per medium level if he selects a taboo); this duration must be used in 5-minute increments. Uses of analyze dweomer cost him 5-minute increments instead of 1-minute increments, and he can use the read aura occult skill unlock with his third eye multiple times per day; each use takes only 1 minute but costs 5 minutes of the duration he can keep his third eye open. This ability replaces spirit mastery.

Living Third Eye (Su): At 20th level, a Nexian channeler is as one with his third eye. It is open at all times, he can use analyze dweomer and the read aura occult skill unlock at will, and the destruction of his arcane eye does not adversely affect him. This ability replaces astral beacon.