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Source Villain Codex pg. 236
The vaultbreaker combines stealth with his bomb-making talents to construct special focused charges that can disable or destroy hinges, locks, and similar mechanisms.

Breaking and Entering (Ex): A vaultbreaker gains Stealth as a class skill and can disarm magical traps as if he were a rogue with the trapfinding ability.

This ability replaces the Brew Potion bonus feat.

Rogue Talents: A vaultbreaker can choose any of the following rogue talents in place of a discovery: expert leaper, fast stealth, ledge walker, nimble climber, or wall scramble.

This ability alters discoveries.

Safecracking (Ex): At 1st level, a vaultbreaker’s bombs can help him disable locks. He gains penetrating charge as a bonus discovery. Because this ability replaces Throw Anything, the vaultbreaker’s bombs do not add his Intelligence bonus to damage rolls.

This ability alters bombs and replaces the Throw Anything bonus feat.

Enhanced Safecracking (Ex): At 3rd level, a vaultbreaker gains incendiary charge as a bonus discovery, and his incendiary charges ignore 10 points of an object’s hardness instead of 5.

This ability alters bombs and replaces the poison use class ability.