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Shadows out of Light (Su)

Source Horror Realms pg. 7
Type Exploit of the Outer Rifts
The arcanist can spend 1 point from his arcane reservoir to pull fiendish essence from the Outer Rifts into his own shadow. Malformed and nearly amorphous, the shadow-things swarm across his body, turning his eyes completely black and distorting his physical form. These shadows persist for 1 round per 2 arcanist levels (minimum of 1 round) and grant the arcanist a +2 deflection bonus to his Armor Class. The shadows are threatening, and as long as they persist the arcanist is considered armed for the purpose of flanking or threatening an attack of opportunity. Whenever a creature provokes an attack of opportunity from the arcanist, he may make the attack of opportunity with his shadow, striking as a touch attack that deals a number of points of cold damage equal to 1d6 + the arcanist's Charisma modifier plus 1 point of Strength damage. A successful Fortitude saving throw negates the Strength damage. This ability does not itself increase the number of attacks of opportunity the arcanist can make in a round, but feats like Combat Reflexes do allow him to make multiple attacks of opportunity with his shadow. The shadows cannot be compelled to make normal attacks—they lash out in this way only as a reaction to being provoked.