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Weapon Master's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 11/30/2015
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Advanced Weapon Trainings [18]

Abundant Tactics, Armed Bravery, Combat Competence, Combat Maneuver Defense, Dazzling Intimidation, Defensive Weapon Training, Fighter's Finesse, Fighter's Reflexes, Fighter's Tactics, Focused Weapon, Inspiring Confidence, Trained Grace, Trained Initiative, Trained Throw, Versatile Training, Weapon Mastery, Weapon Sacrifice, Weapon Specialist

Archetypes [6]

Ilsurian Archer (Ranger), Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain (Warpriest), Relic Master (Fighter), Rondelero Swashbuckler (Swashbuckler), Tempered Champion (Paladin), Varisian Free-Style Fighter (Fighter)

Combat Tricks [45]

Aldori Dueling Disciple, Aldori Dueling Mastery, Awe-Inspiring Smash, Black Powder Spectacle, Bloodletting, Bloody Sabres, Bullseye Shot, Butterfly's Sting, Cannon Master, Casterbane Shot, Charge of the Righteous, Demon Hunter, Desperate Battler, Destroy Identity, Duelist of the Roaring Falls, Duelist of the Shrouded Lake, Falling Water Gambit, Flagbearer, Focused Discipline, Hamatulatsu, Heroic Interposition, Intrepid Rescuer, Measured Response, Ostentatious Weakness, Perfect Style, Redirected Shot, Riptide Attack, Savage Surge, Shrewd Tactician, Spear Dancer, Spectacular Exit, Spiked Destroyer, Squash Flat, Steady Engagement, Sun Striker, Taldan Duelist, Thrilling Vengeance, To the Last, Torch Bearer, Unblinking Flame Feint, Unblinking Flame Fist, Unfolding Wind Rush, Unfolding Wind Strike, Untwisting Iron Skin, Untwisting Iron Strength

Divine Fighting Techniques [6]

Abadar's Crossbow, Calistria's Poisoned Lash, Cayden Cailean's Blade and Tankard, Gorum's Swordmanship, Iomedae's Inspiring Sword, Zon-Kuthon's Flensing

Feats [69]

Ace Disarm, Ace Trip, Advanced Weapon Training, Ascetic Form, Ascetic Strike, Ascetic Style, Burrowing Shot, Compulsion Mastery, Curse Mastery, Cut from the Air, Devastating Assault, Difficult Swings, Dispel Mastery, Divine Fighting Technique, Dwarven Fury, Dwarven Hatred Style, Dwarven Seething, Elven Battle Focus, Elven Battle Style, Elven Battle Torrent, Empty Quiver Flexibility, Empty Quiver Flurry, Empty Quiver Style, Energy Mastery, Finesse Shot, Flight Mastery, Illusion Mastery, Illusive Gnome Bewilderment, Illusive Gnome Style, Illusive Gnome Surprise, Impressive Grit, Liberating Shot, Marksman's Utility, Martial Focus, Orc Fury Style, Orc Rampage, Orc Snarl, Outslug Sprint, Outslug Style, Outslug Weave, Overwatch Style, Overwatch Tactician, Overwatch Vortex, Retributive Kick, Ricochet Toss, Slipslinger Bombardment, Slipslinger Grenadier, Slipslinger Style, Smash from the Air, Smashing Crush, Smashing Dent, Smashing Style, Spear Dancing Reach, Spear Dancing Spiral, Spear Dancing Style, Spellcut, Startoss Comet, Startoss Shower, Startoss Style, Swordplay Deflection, Swordplay Style, Swordplay Upset, Targeted Blow, Telekinetic Mastery, Teleportation Mastery, Vision Mastery, Weapon Material Mastery, Weapon Style Mastery, Weapon Trick

Magic Items (Weapons) [13]

Cailean Fighting Tankard, Crusader's Longsword, Driving, Heart-Piercing, Leveraging, Liberating (WMH), Quaking, Sharding, Shieldmarshal's Pistol, Spear of the Honored Ancestors, Valorous Blade, Vampiric, Windreader's Bow

Traits [11]

Aldori Caution, Armed Grit, Blackjacket Weapon Flair, Ichimeiyo Champion, Merciful Scimitar, Monk Weapon Skill, Ozem-Inspired, Performer's Surprise, Red Mantis Bleeding, Roving Range, Thunder and Fang Performer

Weapon Tricks [6]

One-Handed Weapon Tricks, Polearm Tricks, Ranged Weapon Tricks, Two-Handed Weapon Tricks, Two-Weapon Tricks, Weapon and Shield Tricks