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People of the Sands

Estimated Release Date: 1/9/2014
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Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Sandstone Solution (Su)

Archetypes [1]

Elementalist Oracle (Oracle)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the First Law

Equipment (Misc.) [9]

Armor vents, Burner, Fuel pellet (10), Purification pellet, Salt tablets (10), Serpent line, Smoke signal, Sun cream, Veil

Feats [6]

Horn of the Criosphinx, Osirionology, Out of the Sun, Thuvian Grenadier, Undermine, Wings of the Androsphinx

Magic Items (Rings) [5]

Ring of the Godless (+1), Ring of the Godless (+2), Ring of the Godless (+3), Ring of the Godless (+4), Ring of the Godless (+5)

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Inviolate Marker

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [2]

Burrower's Bridle, Carpet of Comfort

Prestige Classes [2]

Living Monolith, Thuvian Alchemist

Rogue Talents [2]

Last Ditch Effort, Philologist

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [5]

Inner Focus, Storm of Blades, Summon Genie, Summon Genie, Greater, Summon Genie, Lesser

Traits [32]

Alchemical Prodigy, Blood of Pharaohs, Caravan Drover, Child of Mumia, Community-Minded, Deathkeeper, Devotee of the Old Gods, Dowsing, Eyes of the Sun, Following Breeze, Foreign Opportunist, Inquisitive Archaeologist, Lamasaran Performer, Mummy-Cursed, Numerologist, Pearl Diver, Pride of the Diamond Empire, Pure Legion Recruit, Relic Hunter, Resurrected, Sandy Ambush, Slave Smuggler, Slippery Step, Snap Ignition, Sphinx Riddler, Sphinxfriend, Thoroughbred, Trap Finder, Tropical Botanist, Undead Crusader, Vermin Wrangler, Wati Native