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Pathfinder Society Field Guide

Estimated Release Date: 7/27/2011
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Archetypes [8]

Dimensional Occultist (Witch), Grenadier (Alchemist), Lore Warden (PFS Field Guide) (Fighter), Scroll Scholar (Cleric), Scroll Scholar (Wizard), Scroll Scoundrel (Rogue), Seeker (Oracle), Seeker (Sorcerer)

Equipment (Misc.) [18]

Air crystals, Chirurgeon's kit, Chronicler's kit, Clockwork prowler, Clockwork prowler (advanced), Dragonslayer’s Kit, Dungeoneering kit (common), Dungeoneering kit (deluxe), Journal, Measuring cord, 10 ft., Miner's lantern, Pathfinder's kit, Powder, Riding kit (common), Riding kit (exotic mount), Spelunking kit, String or twine (50 ft.), Weapon blanch (ghost salt)

Equipment Tricks [2]

Rope Tricks, Sunrod Tricks

Magic Items (Armor) [3]

Bitter, Comfort, Trapwarding

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Decemvirate Helm

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Ring of the Beast, Tyrant's Friend

Magic Items (Staves) [3]

Staff of Courage, Staff of Radiance, Staff of Understanding

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Agile, Dueling (PSFG), Guardian

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [25]

Runestone of Power (1st), Runestone of Power (2nd), Runestone of Power (3rd), Runestone of Power (4th), Runestone of Power (5th), Runestone of Power (6th), Runestone of Power (7th), Runestone of Power (8th), Runestone of Power (9th), Bracelet of Second Chances, Circlet of Mindsight, Dweomer's Essence, Eyes of the Owl, Field Scrivener's Desk, Fortifying Stone, Fortunate Charm, Pathfinder's Coin, Pipes of Shifting Tempo, Sandals of the Lightest Step, Tireless Wayfinder, Trapspringer's Gloves, Wayfinder of Revelation, Wayfinder of Spellbreaking, Wayfinder, Shining, Wayfinder, Vanishing

Spells [13]

Aram Zey's Focus, Aram Zey's Trap Ward, Bite the Hand, Bite the Hand, Mass, Corpse Lanterns, Gilded Whispers, Lipstitch, Petulengro's Validation, Sequester Thoughts, Sharesister, Stalwart Resolve, Stolen Light, Twisted Innards