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Path of the Hellknight

Estimated Release Date: 6/27/2016
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Afflictions - Poisons [1]


Archetypes [2]

Circuit Judge (Cavalier), Faceless Enforcer (Vigilante)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Ennead Star

Deific Boons [7]

Order of the Chain (Hellknight), Order of the Gate (Hellknight), Order of the Godclaw (Hellknight), Order of the Nail (Hellknight), Order of the Pyre (Hellknight), Order of the Rack (Hellknight), Order of the Scourge (Hellknight)

Equipment (Armor) [2]

Hellknight half-plate, Hellknight leather

Equipment (Misc.) [9]

Branding iron (common), Branding iron (custom shape), Hellknight barding, Iron mask (common), Iron mask (masterwork), Manacles (common), Manacles (masterwork), Manacles (mithral), Signifer mask

Feats [12]

Caster's Champion, Censoring Critical, Dislocate, Extended Scrying, Gate Breaker, Hellknight Aegis, Hellknight Obedience, Hellknight Obsession, Relic Breaker, Scrutinize Spell, Signifer Armor Training, Traditional Weapons

Hellknight Disciplines [9]

Call Armor, Command, Dispel Chaos, Favored Quarry, Mental Intrusion, Shadow Step, Summon Servant of Law, Trace, Versatile Intimidation

Hellknight Orders [14]

Order of the Chain, Order of the Coil, Order of the Crux, Order of the Gate, Order of the Glyph, Order of the Godclaw, Order of the Nail, Order of the Pike, Order of the Pyre, Order of the Rack, Order of the Scar, Order of the Scourge, Order of the Torrent, Order of the Wall

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Vicious Link

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [9]

Conquering Brand (Conformity), Conquering Brand (Geas), Conquering Brand (Hobbling), Conquering Brand (Justice), Conquering Brand (Lesser Geas), Pyre Bead, Pyre Salt, Conquering Brand (Subjugation), Conquering Brand (Tracking)

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Spells [5]

Brand of Conformity, Brand of Hobbling, Brand of Tracking, Infernal Challenger, Shackle

Traits [3]

Godclaw Disciple, Hellknight Inquisitor, Questing Hellknight