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Mythic Realms

Estimated Release Date: 9/25/2013
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Afflictions - Diseases [1]

Blightburn Sickness

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Winter's Heart

Monsters [3]

Agmazar the Star Titan, Ahriman, Lord of All Divs, Oliphaunt of Jandelay

Mythic Monsters [6]

Arazni, Jarl Gnargorak, Kortash Khain, Old-Mage Jatembe, Raskineya, the Dark Comet, The Whispering Tyrant

Mythic Path Abilities [36]

Abadar (Hierophant (Starstone)), Akitonian Physiology (Universal), Asmodeus (Hierophant (Starstone)), Calistria (Hierophant (Starstone)), Cayden Cailean (Hierophant (Starstone)), Corner of the Eyes (Marshal), Dampen Magic (Universal), Defy Death (Universal), Desna (Hierophant (Starstone)), Divine Patron (Hierophant (Starstone)), Erastil (Hierophant (Starstone)), Gorum (Hierophant (Starstone)), Gozreh (Hierophant (Starstone)), Iomedae (Hierophant (Starstone)), Irori (Hierophant (Starstone)), Lamashtu (Hierophant (Starstone)), Mind to Mindlessness (Hierophant), Necromantic Mastery (Archmage), Nethys (Hierophant (Starstone)), Norgorber (Hierophant (Starstone)), Pharasma (Hierophant (Starstone)), Reactive Ward (Archmage), Rovagug (Hierophant (Starstone)), Sarenrae (Hierophant (Starstone)), Seal of the Star Tower (Universal), Shadow's Embrace (Guardian), Shelyn (Hierophant (Starstone)), Spellscarred (Universal), Telepathic Mindlink (Universal), Torag (Hierophant (Starstone)), Touched by the Depths (Universal), Urgathoa (Hierophant (Starstone)), Voice of the Spire (Universal), Waters of Contemplation (Universal), World's Heart (Guardian), Zon-Kuthon (Hierophant (Starstone))