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Monster Hunter's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 3/14/2017
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Flesh-Eating Bomb*, Ooze Blight*, Splitting Mutagen

Archetypes [8]

Abolisher (Inquisitor), Banishing Warden (Paladin), Defender of the True World (Druid), Disciple of the Pike (Cavalier), Green Scourge (Druid), Luring Piper (Bard), Oozemaster (Alchemist), Psychodermist (Occultist)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Hero

Equipment (Misc.) [17]

Beast-hunter whistle, Bottled musk, Chemical ward, Display stand, Hunter's manual, Monster bait, Monster dummy, Monster hunter's kit (abberation), Monster hunter's kit (fey), Monster hunter's kit (ooze), Monster hunter's kit (regular), Odor stalk, Poison sponge, Static wool, Taxidermy tools, Venomblock, Wrangler's gloves

Feats [36]

Anatomical Savant, Baneful Judgment, Bull-Catcher Style, Bull-Catcher Toss, Bull-Catcher Wrangler, Claw Wrench, Creature Focus, Dimensional Step Up, Expanded Hunter Tactics, Focued Construct Expertise, Focused Aberration Expertise, Focused Animal Expertise, Focused Dragon Expertise, Focused Fey Expertise, Focused Magical Beast Expertise, Focused Ooze Expertise, Focused Outsider Expertise, Focused Plant Expertise, Focused Target, Focused Undead Expertise, Focused Vermin Expertise, Grisly Ornament, Harvest Parts, Improved Punishing Step, Knowledgeable Spellcaster, Maze Expert, Monster Spotter, Monstrous Crafter, Monstrous Disguise, Monstrous Masquerade, Needle in a Haystack, Pacify Animal, Punishing Step, Resisting Grappler, Shared Quarry, Stone to Flesh Savant

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Bone Bearer's Cutter, Detecting Dart

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [12]

Necklace of Beast's Might (Bones), Necklace of Beast's Might (Claws), Necklace of Beast's Might (Eyes), Necklace of Beast's Might (Hair), Necklace of Beast's Might (Horn), Melding Cloak, Monstrous Dye, Nest Revealer, Penetrating Whetstone, Pocket Prey, Necklace of Beast's Might (Scales), Necklace of Beast's Might (Teeth)

Rogue Talents [2]

Ambuscading Grapple (Ex), Armor Piercer* (Ex)

Spells [9]

Diminish Resistance, Guarding Knowledge, Huntmaster's Spear, Protection from Natural Attacks, Repungant Taste, Revealing Light, Slick Walls, Solidify Earth, Telepathic Silence

Traits [4]

Monster Challenger, Monster Scholar, Monster Stalker, Monster Survivor