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Melee Tactics Toolbox

Estimated Release Date: 3/25/2015
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Archetypes [4]

Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy (Bloodrager), Castellan (Cavalier), Drill Sergeant (Fighter), Makeshift Scrapper (Rogue)

Bard Masterpieces [1]

Battle Song of the People's Revolt

Equipment (Misc.) [17]

Acrobat's pillar, Armor truss, Bounty hunter's kit (common), Bounty hunter's kit (superior), Exemplar weapon salve, Handle harness, Manacles (quickcatch), Melee contingency kit, Rockshard canister, Shield boss (breakaway), Shield boss (hooked), Shield boss (illuminating), Shield boss (masterwork), Shield boss (reinforcing boss), Sunderblock, Surefoot training blocks, Waster

Equipment (Weapons) [16]

Ankus, Crook, Deer horn knife, Elven branched spear, Estoc, Gandasa, Gnome pincher, Halfling rope-shot, Kumade, Kumade, collapsible, Machete, Manople, Orc skull ram, Planson, Tongi, Weighted spear

Feats [30]

Aquatic Combatant, Aquatic Spell, Armored Athlete, Artful Dodge, Circling Mongoose, Cudgeler Style, Cudgeler Sweep, Cudgeler Takedown, Deadly Grappler, Explosive Escape, Got Your Back, Grappled Caster, Harrying Partners, Heroic Leader, Juke, Just Out of Reach, Kraken Style, Kraken Throttle, Kraken Wrack, Leaping Evasion, Mirror Move, One Eye Open, Open Up, Phalanx Formation, Press to the Wall, Reactive Arcane Shield, Redirect Attack, Shrug On, Steadfast Slayer, Stick Together

Magic Items (Armor) [16]

Advocate's Armor, Alchemist's Suit, Armiger's Armor, Armor of the Sands, Channeling, Elephant Shield, Evolving, Frosted, Gelugon Armor, Mammoth Hide, Shield of the Mazeborn, Singing, Spellbane Shield, Volcanic, Wizard's Mail, Writhing Armor

Magic Items (Weapons) [18]

Akitonian Blade, Culling, Dakak's Tusks, Dinosaur-Killer, Diplomat's Traveling Stick, Goad of Obedience, Growing, Hourglass Quarterstaff, Husk Dart, Infecting Spike, Leng Flail (greater), Leng Flail (lesser), Pirate's Arm, Riddling Khopesh, Shrinking, Smashing, Spell Siphon, Sticky

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [11]

Amulet of Quaking Strikes, Anchoring Bracers, Arms of the Marilith, Corset of Delicate Moves, Crown of Challenge, Eyes of the Liar, Gladiator's Sandals, Ratcheting Gauntlets, Serpentform Belt, Swordmaster's Shirt, Vestments of War

Spells [10]

Aura of Inviolate Ownership, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Darting Duplicate, Dimensional Blade, Fiery Runes, Instant Weapon, Reaper's Coterie, Rubberskin, Umbral Weapon, Vine Strike

Weapon Groups [20]

ankus (Blades, Heavy), crook (Polearms), deer horn knife (Monk), deer horn knife (Blades, Light), deer horn knife (Thrown), elven branched spear (Spears), estoc (Blades, Heavy), gandasa (Axes), gnome pincher (Flails), halfling rope-shot (Flails), kumade (Axes), kumade, collapsible (Axes), machete (Blades, Light), manople (Blades, Light), orc skull ram (Spears), planson (Spears), planson (Hammers), tongi (Axes), weighted spear (Double), weighted spear (Spears)