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Magical Marketplace

Estimated Release Date: 12/11/2013
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Directed Bomb, Elemental Mutagen, Healing Bomb*

Arcane Discoveries [3]

Alchemical Affinity, Infectious Charms, Resilient Illusions

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Rat Quadrille (Percussion, Sing), Vindictive Soliloquy (Act, Oratory, Sing)

Equipment Tricks [1]

Anvil Tricks

Feats [5]

Blowout Shot Deed, Extend the Bulwark, Quillbreaker Defense, Shield Snag, Whip-Shot Deed

Inquisitions [2]

Chivalry, Restoration

Magic Items (Armor) [8]

Buoyant (light armor), Buoyant (medium/heavy armor), Buoyant (shield), Infiltrator's Mail, Mind Buttressing, Poisoning, Rebounding, Shield of Covered Retreat

Magic Items (Intelligent Items) [5]

Crusader's Scabbard, Gossamer Shrouds of the Clairvoyant, Hollis's Lucky Rock, Skullduster, Wary Ring

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Scavenger's Ring

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Coldwarp Key

Magic Items (Tattoos) [4]

Animal Totem Tattoo, Hypnotic Tattoo, Runeward Tattoo, Serpentine Tattoo

Magic Items (Weapons) [12]

Channeler's Aspergillum, Fleshwarped Scorpion's Tail, Lacerating Rapier, Legbreaker, Lizardmarked Blade, Loudshot Pistol, Marrowcracker, Penetrating, Rusting, Sacrificial Sword, Sniping, Trailblazor's Spade

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [29]

Floating Sail (10-ft.-by-15-ft.), Floating Sail (15-ft.-by-30-ft.), Floating Sail (15-ft.-by-40-ft.), Floating Sail (20-ft.-by-50-ft.), Arcane Battery, Bracelets of Stone, Clockwork Bug, Clockwork Prosthesis, Copycat Siphon, Discordant Piccolo, Elemental Storing Stone, Explorer's Pith Helmet, Healer's Burning Glass, Homunculus Clay, Master Vidlian's Squeeze-Box, Murderer's Silence, Music Box Trap, Orbicular Sac, Poison Popcushion, Poison Vial of Distance, Quick Action Slippers, Saint's Protection Charm, Saline Purge, Scabbard of True Death, Spell-Capturing Gem, Sporecrafter's Kindness, Stalagmite Seed, Thoqqua Snake, Trophy Box

Magus Arcana [3]

Divinatory Strike (Su), Ki Arcana (Ex), Scroll Mastery (Su)

Ranger Traps [3]

Penetrating Trap* (Ex or Su), Quicksand Trap (Su), Wounding Trap (Ex or Su)

Rogue Talents [2]

Hamstring Strike (Ex), Sneaky Maneuver (Ex)

Spells [4]

Blood Boil, Heavy Water, Hydrophobia, Imbue With Addiction

Witch Hexes [3]

Abominate (Sp), Discord (Su), Pariah (Su)