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Legacy of Dragons

Estimated Release Date: 7/28/2016
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Archetypes [13]

Draconic Druid (Druid), Draconic Shaman (Shaman), Dragonblood Chymist (Alchemist), Dragonheir Scion (Fighter), Drake Warden (Ranger), Drakerider (Cavalier), Mindwyrm Mesmer (Mesmerist), Scaled Fist (Monk), Scaled Fist (Monk (Unchained)), Silver Champion (Paladin), Soverign Blade (Samurai), Wyrm Singer (Skald), Wyrm Witch (Witch)

Familiars [3]

Caligraphy Wyrm, Pseudowyvern, Pyrausta3

Feats [17]

Brood Defender, Draconian Law, Draconic Heritage, Draconic Manifestation, Linnorm Style, Linnorm Vengeance, Linnorm Wrath, Relic Familiarity, Sincere Flattery, Tail Maneuvers, Tatzlwyrm Claw Style, Tatzlwyrm Grappler, Tatzlwyrm Rake, Wyvaran Spellcasting, Wyvern Fury Style, Wyvern Sting, Wyvern Wing

Monsters [2]

Caligraphy Wyrm, Pseudowyvern

Ninja Tricks [1]

Breath of the Ancestors (Su)

Oracle Curses [1]


Oracle Mysteries [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [6]

Wyvaran - Bloodrager, Wyvaran - Mesmerist, Wyvaran - Oracle, Wyvaran - Paladin, Wyvaran - Rogue, Wyvaran - Sorcerer

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [14]

Elf - Draconic Consular, Human - Draconic Heritage, Human - Dragon Scholar, Half-Orc - Dragon Sight, Half-Orc - Dragon Slayer, Half-Elf - Dragon Soul, Gnome - Faerie Dragon Magic, Wyvaran - Greed, Halfling - Joyous Companion, Halfling - Luckbringer, Wyvaran - Memories of the Forgotten, Wyvaran - Neglected Heritage, Dwarf - Treasure Sense, Wyvaran - Vestigal Wings

Spells [13]

Apsu's Shining Scales, Dahak's Release, Draconic Ally, Draconic Malice, Form of the Alien Dragon I, Form of the Alien Dragon II, Form of the Alien Dragon III, Form of the Exotic Dragon I, Form of the Exotic Dragon II, Form of the Exotic Dragon III, Hermean Potential, Scales of Deflection, Tail Strike

Traits [12]

Balanced Determination, Draconic Destiny, Draconic Infusion, Draconic Lineage, Dragon Pact, Dragon-Hunted, Drake Anatomist, Fury of the Red, King in Waiting, Rugged Dragon Hunter, Triaxus-Trained, Untapped Potential