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Kobolds of Golarion

Estimated Release Date: 6/13/2013
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Archetypes [3]

Dragon Herald (Bard), Snare Setter (Rogue), Swarm Fighter (Fighter)

Deities [6]

Andirifkhu, Asmodeus, Dahak, Mammon, Nethys, Trelmarixian

Equipment (Misc.) [11]

Blightburn paste, Caphorite dust, Cytillesh stun vial, Decoy trigger (decoy pressure switch), Decoy trigger (decoy trap door), Decoy trigger (decoy tripwire), Lure (fake area map), Lure (fake coins), Paper wall paste, Trapped item (trapped disguise kit), Trapped item (trapped scroll case)

Feats [15]

Ancient Draconic, Improved Learn Ranger Trap, Kobold Confidence, Kobold Flood, Kobold Groundling, Kobold Style, Learn Ranger Trap, Merciless Magic, Merciless Precision, Mixed Scales, Redeemed Kobold, Scaled Disciple, Small But Deadly, Tribe Mentality, Wall of Flesh

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Dragon Herald Vestments

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Bloatstrike Tail, Dwindling Bullet, Irradiating Tail

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [9]

Displacing Stone, Hezzilreen's Spellbook, Imploding Stone, Levitating Land Mine, Paralyzing Snare, Scarecrow Lure, Trapped Beverage, Trapped Puzzle Box, Trapped Sword

Races [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [4]

Kobold - Barbarian, Kobold - Inquisitor, Kobold - Paladin, Kobold - Wizard

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [10]

Kobold - Day Raider, Kobold - Dragonmaw, Kobold - Echo Whistler, Kobold - Frightener, Kobold - Prehensile Tail, Kobold - Secret Strider, Kobold - Shoulder to Shoulder, Kobold - Spellcaster Sneak, Kobold - Wild Forest Kobold, Kobold - Wyrmcrowned

Ranger Traps [14]

Acid Trap (Ex or Su), Blightburn Trap (Ex), Channeled Energy Trap (Ex or Su), Distraction Trap (Ex or Su), Lazurite Trap (Ex or Su), Oversized Barbs (Ex or Su), Pit Trap (Ex or Su), Rust Monster Trap (Ex or Su), Selective Trigger* (Ex or Su), Spell-Stealing Trap (Su), Spell-Storing Trap (Su), Tar Trap (Ex or Su), Transdimensional Trap* (Su), Tripwire (Ex or Su)

Spells [8]

Blightburn Weapon, Chameleon Scales, Dark-Light, Enlarge Tail, Lead Plating, Shadow Dragon Aspect, Strip Scales, Unseen Engineers

Subdomains [3]

Ambush, Radiation, Trap

Traits [31]

Alchemical Breath, Bog Scamp, Briar Bandit, Carnation Scales, Cold Fortitude, Draconic Echo, Elaborate Trapper, Firebug (Kobold), Fire-Tongued, Frost Spitter, Golden Scales, Gravelwalker, Grit Goggles, Heat Fortitude, Icy Mementos, Iron Lungs, Kobold Faith, Kobold Herbalist, Lair Snake, Lightning Blessed, Liquid-Tongued, Ooze Defense, Purple Scales, Skater's Balance, Slithering Stride, Smoke Resistant, Sneaky Swimmer, Snowstride, Stream Nomad, Suck in Your Gut, Trap Savvy