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Inner Sea Monster Codex

Estimated Release Date: 6/29/2015
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Alchemist Discoveries [7]

Cytillesh Bomb, Method to the Madness (Ex), Monstrous Graft (Ex), Precise Poison (Ex), Sleeper Agent (Su), Subsumed Spirit (Ex), Sunlight Acclimation (Ex)

Archetypes [2]

Charger (Cavalier), Cyclopean Seer (Oracle)

Druid Domains [2]

Ruins, Vermin

Feats [13]

Assured Destruction, Buffeting Wings, Cloak of Feathers, Empowered Daemonic Pact, Fling, Graceful Flier, Guardian of Tradition, Powerful Wings, Siphoning Blade, Skaveling Companion, Snatch and Drop, Urdefhan Bladebreaker, Voracious Blade

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Waverider Breastplate

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Refusal

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [2]

Bathing Basin, Masters' Call

Monsters [40]

Awakened Agent, Centaur Charger, Centaur Forager, Centaur Greenspeaker, Centaur Outcast, Cyclops Grand-Eye, Cyclops Lorekeeper, Cyclops Manhunter, Cyclops Smasher, Deadfall Tracker, Derro Bodysnatcher, Derro Brainwasher, Devotee of the Ravener King, Divine Chieftain, Dune Strider, Half-Fiend Scion, Itaraak Champion, Jungle Trickster, Kin Seeker, Kreegwood Stalker, Labyrinth Guardian, Minotaur Marauder, Orvian Necromancer, Prophet of Baphomet, Quick Striker, Raging Sting, Ship Scavenger, Sightless Sea Sailor, Simian Sharpshooter, Skaveling Rider, Squall Seer, Strix Infiltrator, Strix Rokoa, Strix Voyager, Stroud Apprentice, Tangle Tender, Thanegraves Looter, Urban Stalker, Wet-House Emissary, White-Eyed Torturer

Oracle Curses [3]

Hunger, Powerless Prophecy, Site-Bound

Spells [4]

Illusory Maze, Make Lost, Mind Maze, Puzzle Box