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GameMastery Guide

Estimated Release Date: 6/1/2010
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Afflictions - Drugs [9]

Aether, Dwarven Fire Ale, Elven Absinthe, Flayleaf, Opium, Pesh, Scour, Shiver, Zerk

Afflictions - Madnesses [7]

Amnesia, Dissociated Identity, Mania, Moral Insanity, Paranoid, Phobia, Schizophrenia

Hazards - Haunts [1]

Bleeding Walls

NPCs [81]

Adventurer (Battle Mage), Adventurer (Monster Hunter), Adventurer (Tomb Raider), Brigand (Bandit Lord), Brigand (Bandit), Brigand (Highwayman), City Watch (Guard Officer), City Watch (Guard), City Watch (Watch Captain), Coliseum (Beast Master), Coliseum (Champion), Coliseum (Gladiator), Criminal (Burglar), Criminal (Guild Master), Criminal (Pickpocket), Criminal (Slaver), Criminal (Slayer), Criminal (Street Thug), Crusader (Holy Warrior), Crusader (Saint), Crusader (Squire), Dungeon (Prisoner), Dungeon (Torturer), Dungeon (Turnkey), Entertainer (Celebrity Bard), Entertainer (Minstrel), Entertainer (Storyteller), Fighting School (Battle Monk), Fighting School (Initiate), Fighting School (Master), Frontier (Guide), Frontier (Hermit), Frontier (Trapper), Heretic (Conjurist), Heretic (Cult Leader), Heretic (Cultist), Marauder (Pirate Captain), Marauder (Raider), Marauder (Viking), Mercenary (Bounty Hunter), Mercenary (Caravan Guard), Mercenary (Sellsword), Merchant (Merchant Prince), Merchant (Shopkeep), Merchant (Traveling Merchant), Military (Cavalry), Military (Foot Soldier), Military (General), Noble (Knight), Noble (Noble Scion), Noble (Noble), Road (Pilgrim), Road (Vagabond), Road (Wanderer), Royalty (King), Royalty (Princess), Royalty (Queen), Sailor (Captain), Sailor (First Mate), Sailor (Shipmate), Scholar (Archaeologist), Scholar (Hedge Wizard), Scholar (Sage), Seer (Doomsayer), Seer (Fortune Teller), Seer (Medium), Street (Beggar), Street (Dealer), Street (Prostitute), Tavern (Barkeep), Tavern (Barmaid), Tavern (Drunkard), Temple (Acolyte), Temple (High Priest), Temple (Priest), Tribe (Cannibal), Tribe (Chieftain), Tribe (Shaman), Villager (Farmer), Villager (Mayor), Villager (Village Idiot)

Skill Uses [1]

Calling for the Guards (Diplomacy)