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Champions of Purity

Estimated Release Date: 4/16/2013
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Alchemist Discoveries [5]

Celestial Poisons (Su), Change Alignment (Su), Change Alignment, Greater (Su), Holy Bombs*, Ranged Baptism (Su)

Arcane Discoveries [2]

Steward of the Great Beyond, Yuelral's Blessing

Barbarian Rage Powers [3]

Celestial Totem (Su), Celestial Totem, Greater (Su), Celestial Totem, Lesser (Su)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Clamor of the Heavens (Percussion, Sing), Life Budding in Salted Earth (Sing, String, Wind)

Eidolon Evolutions [3]

Alignment Smite (Su), Celestial Appearance (Ex), Sacrifice (Su)

Feats [8]

Golden Legion's Stayed Blade, Lastwall Phalanx, Legacy of Ozem, Peacemaker, Siphon Poison, Summon Good Monster, Virtuous Creed, Worldwound Walker

Inquisitions [2]

Final Rest, Recovery

Magic Items (Armor) [3]

Equalizer Shield, Field Medic's Breastplate, Phoenix Armor

Magic Items (Staves) [1]

Staff of the Freed Man

Magic Items (Weapons) [5]

Compassionate, Devil's Key, Redeemed, Rythius, the Kyton Scourge, Seraphic Pistol

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [2]

Bondbreaker's Boots, Mantle of the Protector

Rogue Talents [3]

Sacred Sneak Attack (Su), Sacrifice Self (Ex), Stem the Flow (Su)

Spells [10]

Accept Affliction, Angelic Aspect, Angelic Aspect, Greater, Angelic Aspect, Lesser, Archon's Trumpet, Burst of Radiance, Chains of Light, Hymn of Mercy, Hymn of Peace, Touch of Mercy

Subdomains [7]

Cooperation, Dragon, Imagination, Judgment, Redemption, Revelation, Revelry

Traits [13]

Affable, Blessed Touch, Careful Combatant, Chosen of Iomedae, Demon Smiter, Hard to Kill, Hardly a Fool, Helpful, Mediator, Redeemer, Spark of Creation, Transmuter of Korada, Weapon of Peace

Witch Hexes [6]

Aura of Purity (Su), Curse of Nonviolence (Su), Lay to Rest (Sp), Peacebond (Su), Witch's Bounty (Su), Witch's Charge (Su)

Witch Patrons [3]

Boundaries, Devotion, Peace