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Blood of the Moon

Estimated Release Date: 10/21/2013
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Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Psychoactive Bomb*

Arcane Discoveries [1]

Werewolf Shape

Barbarian Rage Powers [6]

Armor Ripper, Boar’s Charge, Deathless Frenzy, Disemboweling Tusks, Fueled by Vengeance, Savage Intuition

Equipment (Misc.) [5]

Animal disguise kit, Memory incense, Palm paws, Silver drops, Silvercloud oil

Feats [16]

Bat Shape, Bear Hug, Beartrap Bite, Bloodmarked Flight, Dire Bat Shape, Extra Feature, Fast Change, Ferocious Loyalty, Motivating Display, Surprising Combatant, Swarm Scatter, Swarm Strike, Violent Display, Wolf Savage, Wolf Style, Wolf Trip

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Tiger's Hide

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Trident of the Storm Captain

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [7]

Amulet of the True Form, Corpse Puppet, Globe of Moonlight, Moon Clock, Nose Ring of Unearthly Scent, Pelt of the Beast, Spell Totem

Magus Arcana [5]

Aquatic Agility (Su), Arcane Scent (Ex), Natural Spell Combat (Ex), Spell Trickery (Ex), Spell-Scars (Ex)

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Races [1]


Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [8]

Skinwalker - Werebat-Kin (Bloodmarked), Skinwalker - Werebear-Kin (Coldborn), Skinwalker - Wereboar-Kin (Ragebred), Skinwalker - Werecrocodile-Kin (Scaleheart), Skinwalker - Wererat-Kin (Nightskulk), Skinwalker - Wereshark-Kin (Seascarred), Skinwalker - Weretiger-Kin (Fanglord), Skinwalker - Werewolf-Kin (Witchwolf)

Rogue Talents [4]

Disease Use, Face in the Crowd, Quick Scrounge, Scavenger

Spells [3]

Accursed Glare, Share Skin, Share Skin, Greater

Traits [19]

Boar Resilience, Child of the Moon, Crocodile Swim, Durable Change, Feline Instinct, Fight with the Flock, Inured to Disease, Lycanthropic Bloodlust, Mastery of Form, Precision Hearing, Rat Squeeze, Reviving Rest, Shared Curse, Sharkchild, Shoreline Skirmisher, Strength of Body, Terrifying Lunge, Tiger's Claw, Traumatic Shift

Witch Hexes [4]

Animal Skin, Cursed Wound, Delicious Fright, Swamp's Grasp